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The talent department at Illinois Human Resources is responsible for managing, supporting, and providing expertise in the hiring and recruiting processes for all employee groups at the University of Illinois. They oversee, facilitate, and ensure compliance with the civil service hiring process, administer hiring tools and technology, design and maintain the user interface of the HR Information system (HRIS). The talent department plays a key role in attracting, retaining, and supporting a high performing workforce that contributes to the University’s vision and mission.

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Our primary goal is to recruit talented individuals who enrich our diverse institution, fostering innovation and excellence through inclusivity and diversity.


Jobs page for the University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign, highlighting the diverse job opportunities and the inclusive community at the university.

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Extra Help

Extra Help employees are appointed to fulfill casual or emergent needs within units. The amount of time for which services are needed is not usually predictable and payment for work performed is on an hourly basis.

Meet the Talent Team

Learn about the whole IHR team!

Gretchen Hayes

Gretchen is the Assistant HR Manager in the Talent Center of Expertise.  Gretchen serves as a resource for the matrix teams and is a primary liaison with the State Universities Civil Service System on testing and talent issues.

Tori Exum

Tori is the Director of DEI & Talent Strategy Initiatives, driving efforts to enhance the University’s commitment to Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion. She develops programs that actively recruit and source diverse candidates. Tori oversees the annual Summer Youth Employment Program, providing local high school students with invaluable work experiences on campus. She also oversees permanent intern programs, including DEI-focused interns, College to Work initiatives, and programs supporting individuals with disabilities, offering supportive programming for permanent employment opportunities. Additionally, Tori’s area assists veterans in their job search on campus, ensuring diversity and inclusion across campus.

Nicole McCurry

Nicole is the Human Resources Manager for Extra Help Services. She leads a team dedicated to sourcing and assigning temporary Extra Help employees in clerical, accounting, and IT fields. Nicole assesses daily operations to meet changing recruitment and placement needs. She establishes procedures for applicant screening, hiring, and performance review, ensuring compliance with policies and Civil Service rules.

Amy Morriston

Amy is a temporary, extra-help Human Resource Associate who assists with coordinating DEI-focused Intern and Talent Attraction Programs. She supports local recruiting, participates in community events, and helps coordinate workshops.

Rafael Canas

Rafael is the Recruitment and Special Programs Coordinator, dedicated to advancing diversity, equity, and inclusion at the university. He leads recruitment efforts, utilizing innovative strategies to attract diverse candidates. Rafael coordinates special programs, including job fairs and community outreach, and collaborates with various organizations to enhance inclusivity. He also works closely with local high schools and community groups to recruit talent, coordinating youth employment initiatives and helping to create a more inclusive campus community.

Andi Isaj

Michelle Jenkins

Nancy Renfrew-Morgan

Nancy is an Extra Help Office Administrator for Extra Help Services. Her role involves processing and correcting billing.

Jaimi Nance

Jason Knight

Jason is a Talent Strategy Recruiter responsible for developing and implementing effective recruiting strategies to attract diverse and qualified talent to the university. He oversees key aspects of the recruitment process, from sourcing to interviewing candidates, and uses innovative methods to identify and engage potential applicants. Jason collaborates with hiring units to create effective advertising plans and promotes the university to potential candidates. He stays updated on industry best practices to continuously improve the university’s recruitment efforts.

Jessica Lopez

Jessica is a Human Resource Officer for Extra Help Services. Her role involves monitoring and placing all temporary Extra Help employees in the clerical and IT classifications, ensuring compliance with relevant policies, and providing guidance to units.

Audra Cowan

Audra is a Human Resource Officer for Extra Help Services. She oversees non-clerical appointments and ensures compliance with relevant policies. She also assists units with inquiries and provides guidance related to Extra Help services.

Amber Huang

Amber is a Human Resource Representative for Extra Help Services. Her role involves Extra Help recruitment and paperwork processing. She serves as a point of contact for clerical Extra Help questions.

Terelle Worthy

Terelle is a Human Resource Representative for Extra Help Services. His role involves assisting with various non-clerical HR tasks and he serves as a point of contact for non-clerical Extra Help questions.