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IHR Organizational Structure

IHR Organizational Structure and Chart

Illinois Human Resources has recently introduced a new organizational chart, designed to enhance efficiency and effectiveness in addressing the diverse needs of our university community. The chart now features three key areas:

  • Strategic Programs & Partnerships:

    Our Strategic Programs and Partnerships team is committed to helping shape the future of our university’s workforce. We are partners in pioneering initiatives, fostering collaborations, and envisioning the evolving landscape of our talent ecosystem.

  • Culture, Learning & Engagement:

    Committed to cultivating a positive and inclusive work environment, this area emphasizes the importance of continuous learning and employee engagement. We strive to promote a culture that encourages growth, development, and meaningful interactions.

  • Centers of Expertise:

    Within this domain, we bring specialized expertise to address specific HR functions. Whether it’s talent acquisition, benefits administration, or employee relations, our Centers of Expertise are equipped to provide comprehensive support and guidance.

This new structure reflects our commitment to strategic alignment, learning, engagement, and expertise, ensuring that Illinois Human Resources remains a valuable partner in the success of the University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign.

IHR Organizational Chart