Best Ways to Walk Across Campus
Armory Trail (East – West)

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The Basics
  • Start point: the north entrance of the main library
  • End point: Lincoln Avenue (just north of the Lincoln Avenue Residence Hall)
  • General description: This is a very spacious walk way that runs from east to west from the main library all the way to Lincoln Avenue.
  • Directions: This walk route starts just north of the entrance to the main library. It then moves east past the south end of the main quad all the way out to Goodwin Avenue. The path then crosses Goodwin Avenue and continues east past buildings such as Freer Hall and CRCE. At CRCE, the path moves southeast for only a brief moment and then continues east again all way to Lincoln Avenue.
  • Steps: 1,007
  • Distance: 0.5 miles
  • Time to walk at a moderate (15 – 20 minute mile) pace: 8:19 Minutes
How to Lengthen This Walk

Take the sidewalk that runs south just west of the Undergraduate Library. Continue on this sidewalk until you reach Gregory Drive. Do not cross the street. Continue on this sidewalk until you reach the sidewalk running north just east of the Undergraduate Library. Take this sidewalk until you are again on the Armory Path.

What's Great About This Walk
  • Extremely spacious walk paths
  • Many high-use buildings on the path
  • The walk path and surrounding areas are well manicured
  • There is a significant amount of shade on this route
What to be aware of on this walk
  • Lots of pedestrian traffic at times just south of the main quad
  • While most of these areas are strictly for pedestrian use only, many times bicycles may be found on these paths as well, so be on the lookout
  • The intersection of this path and Goodwin Avenue can see heavy amounts of vehicular traffic at times
Highlights & Amenities
  • High-use buildings: The Main Library, Gregory Hall, Foellinger Auditorium, Smith Hall, Busey Evans Residence Hall, CRCE, Freer Hall, Child Development Lab, Allen Hall, Lincoln Avenue Residence Hall
  • Eateries: Expresso Royale in the Undergraduate Library and Bevier Café on the 2nd Floor of Bevier Hall
  • Benches: outside Greg Hall, near the UGL, just south of Foellinger Auditorum, outside the Institute for Genomic Biology, and outside of Bevier Hall
  • Bike Racks: outside the Main Library, UGL, Bevier Hall, near Freer, and near CRCE