Best Walks for Fitness and Enjoyment

Bardeen Quad Walk

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The Basics
  • Start and end points: Quad side entrance to the Mechanical Engineering Laboratory
  • General description: One lap around the university's prestigious Bardeen Quad
  • Directions: Start on the main sidewalk right in front of the Mechanical Engineering laboratory. Walk north until you reach the sidewalk that runs east to west in front of Grainger Library. Take this sidewalk west until you reach the sidewalk that runs north to south just in front of Talbot Laboratory. Follow this sidewalk south. Cross the bridge and then start walking east on the sidewalk that runs on the back side of Engineering Hall. Follow this sidewalk until you reach the bridge on the east side of the Bardeen Quad and start to walk north again.
  • Steps: 600 steps
  • Distance: 0.3 miles
  • Time to walk at a moderate (15 – 20 minute mile) pace: 5 minutes (one time around)
How to Lengthen This Walk

Add the Beckman Quad walk or Main Quad walk to this walking route. One could also choose to do repeat laps.

What's Great About This Walk
  • Very aesthetically pleasing
  • Very interesting architecture
  • No cars
What to Be Aware of on This Walk
  • Area can get busy when students are attempting to get to class
  • Lots of bicycles
  • Only shade is on the west side of the quad
  • High-use buildings: Mechanical Engineering Laboratory, Grainger Library, Talbot Laboratory, Everitt Laboratory, Engineering Hall, Materials Science, Engineering Building
  • Eateries: Bevande inside the Mechanical Engineering Laboratory
  • Beautiful Landscaping and benches and tables for eating.