Best Walks for Fitness and Enjoyment

Beckman Quad Walk

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The Basics
  • Start and end points: The west entrance of the Digital Computer Laboratory
  • General description: A simple quad loop free from the aggravation of traffic
  • Directions: Start at the Digital Computer Laboratory and follow the sidewalk north until you reach the curve right in front of the Beckman Institute. Here the sidewalk starts to move south again. If you follow the sidewalk south, you should end up exactly where you started at the Digital Computer Laboratory.
  • Steps: 705
  • Distance: ???
  • Time to walk at a moderate (15 – 20 minute mile) pace: 5:32 minutes
How to Lengthen This Walk

Link with Bardeen Quad walk, or do multiple laps around this quad.

How To Shorten This Walk

This is already an extremely short walk, there is no need to shorten it.

What's Great About This Walk
  • Wide, smooth walking surface
  • Beautiful fountain and sundial located in the middle of the quad
  • Can be done in a short amount of time
  • One of the most beautiful areas of campus
  • Completely away from vehicle traffic
What to Be Aware of on This Walk
  • During certain times of the day this quad can be quite busy with students trying to get to class
  • While all of these areas are strictly for pedestrian use only, many times bicycles may be found on these paths as well, so be on the lookout
  • High-use buildings: Digital Computer Laboratory, Kenney Gym Annex, Newmark Civil Engineering Lab, Micro & Nanotechnology Laboratory, Coordinated Science Laboratory, Beckman Institute
  • Eateries: Cafeteria located in the Beckman Institute
  • Architectural features and areas of interest: Sundial, Fountain, Beckman Institute
  • Find out more about the Beckman Institute.