Best Walks for Fitness and Enjoyment

Boneyard Greenway - Scott Park - Retention Pond Walk

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The Basics
  • Start point: Mechanical Engineering Lab (Bardeen Quad)
  • End point: Retention Pond (Corner of 2nd and Springfield)
  • General description: This walk path allows the walker to experience three visually stimulating walking paths away from traffic with only brief moments of vehicle interruption in between.
  • Directions: Head west from the Bardeen Quad until you reach 5th Street. Turn south for a brief moment until you reach the Boneyard Greenway walkway. Follow this walkway west through Third Street and then head north to Scott Park. Once in Scott Park, take the walk path that goes northwest to the corner of 2nd and Springfield. The Retention Pond will be across the street.
  • Steps: 2,007 (one way)
  • Distance: 1 mile
  • Time: 20 minutes (one way)
How To Lengthen This Walk

Continue around the retention pond for an extra loop.

How To Shorten This Walk
  • After arrival in Scott Park, follow the walk path west across the bridge to the corner of 2nd and Springfield and then proceed to return to the walk path in Scott Park again. Follow this to the Boneyard Greenway, and return back.
  • No need—only a 5 minute walk
What's Great About This Walk
  • Very visually stimulating
  • Mostly free of cars
  • Most walk ways are newer and in good shape
  • Boneyard Greenway runs right behind Green Street, with easy access to eateries, retail, etc.
What to be aware of on this walk
  • The intersection of 2nd and Springfield can see a large amount of traffic, so be careful crossing.
  • While the Boneyard Greenway is meant solely for the use of pedestrian traffic, many times cyclists use the trail as well, so make sure you are paying attention.
  • Be sure to wear a hat and sunscreen at the retention pond—there is no shade.
  • High-use buildings: Mechanical Engineering Laboratory, Grainger Library, Everitt Laboratory, Talbot Laboratory, Optical Physics and Engineering Building
  • Parks and green areas: Bardeen Quad, Scott Park, Retention Pond
  • Eateries: Penn Station, Bevande coffee shop in the Mechanical Engineering Lab, Wonderdog, Jersulem Restaurant, Cravings Restaurant, A-Ri-Rang, many more restaurants on Green
  • Recreational opportunities: Basketball Court in Scott Park