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Krannert Art Museum—Cemetery Loop

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The Basics
  • Start point and end: Krannert Art Museum (500 East Peabody Drive)
  • General description: This loop route is a mainly interior cemetery walk full of many interesting sights and little vehicle interference.
  • Directions: From Krannert Art Museum, head east to the intersection of Peabody and 6th. Then turn south for a short while until you reach Pennsylvania Avenue. From there turn east again until you reach the opening of the cemetery. Cross the street and head south until you cross three intersections in the cemetery. At the third intersection, follow the path to the west. This will take you out to Fourth Street. From Fourth Street, walk north until you reach Peabody Avenue again. At the Peabody and 4th intersection, walk east for about a block and Krannert will again be on your left.
  • Steps: 1,944
  • Distance: 1 mile
  • Time to walk at a moderate (15 – 20 minute mile) pace: 16 minutes
How to Lengthen This Walk

When in the cemetery, keep walking south instead of turning at the third intersection. Walk until the cemetery road ends and then head west. Follow this path as far west as possible and then turn back north. Follow this path to the original walking path.

How to Shorten This Walk

There are several paths in the cemetery that can be followed to lengthen the walk. Turn west at either one of the first two intersections in the cemetery. Continue on either one of these paths until they connect with the path way running southwest. The pathway running to the southwest will take you to Fourth Street.

What's Great About This Walk
  • Copious amounts of interesting graves and things to see in the cemetery
  • Mostly out of the way of vehicles
  • Cemetery is a park-like environment with some shade
  • Walkers can gain a better understanding about local history
What to be aware of on this walk
  • Be careful crossing Pennsylvania to get into the cemetery—there is no crosswalk.
  • Service vehicles are occasionally seen on cemetery paths.
  • The cemetery is not well lit at night, so you may want to abstain from this path at night.
  • Remember: this is a cemetery, so please be courteous and respectful of others
  • Some of the paths in the cemetery are not paved and are sometimes uneven. Also, path can be wet or muddy after a rain. Please wear appropriate shoe apparel.
  • High-use buildings: Law Building, Krannert Art Museum, Education Building, Natural Resources Building, Stock Pavilion, Taft and Van Doren Residence Halls
  • Eateries: Derald's Catering inside the Law Office, Expresso Royale located in the Krannert Art Museum
  • Green areas and spots for rest and reflection: Cemetery, seating and sculpture garden on the east side of Krannert Art Museum
  • Cultural opportunities: Krannert Art Museum