Best Ways to Walk Across Campus
Lorado Taft Trail (East – West)

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The Basics
  • Start and end points: Start just east of Weston Residence Hall and end at Lincoln Avenue (near the McKinley Health Center)
  • General description: This walk is a path moving east to west through the southern side of campus. It is very aesthetically pleasing and is mostly free of vehicular interjection.
  • Directions: This path starts at Weston Hall and runs east through Fourth Street. Following Fourth Street, the path continues directly east all the way up to the ACES Library. At the ACES Library, the path moves north for about 10 feet, then continues east all the way across Dorner Avenue. Once Dorner Avenue has been crossed via the cross walk, the path continues east all of the way to Lincoln Avenue (just north of the McKinley Health Center).
  • Steps: 1,668
  • Distance: 0.8 miles
  • Time to walk at a moderate (15 – 20 minute mile) pace: 13:17 minutes
How to Lengthen This Walk

Do a lap around the south quad right off Lorado-Taft walkway.

What's Great About This Walk
  • Great way to get from the east side of campus to the west side of campus
  • Very well-kept walk path
  • Mostly free of vehicles
  • Much quicker than taking the streets and having to stop at lights
  • Goes through some very beautiful parts of campus.
What to be aware of on this walk
  • Many times bike riders are also on sections of this path
  • There is little shade along this walk path (especially near the south quad)
  • High-use buildings: Weston Residence Hall, Ikenberry Dining Hall, Huff Hall, Business Instructional Facility, Krannert Art Museum, Architecture Building, ACES Library, Turner Hall, and the McKinley Health Center
  • Eateries: Espresso Royales (inside Business Instructional Facility and Krannert Art Museum), Allen Hall Dining Hall, Ikenberry Dining Hall
  • Areas of interest: Bell Tower on the south quad, Red Oak Rain Garden
  • Bike racks: outside McKinley Health Center, near the ACES Library, and near the start of the walk near the Ikenberry Dining Hall.