Best Ways to Walk Across Campus
Quad Link (North – South)

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The Basics
  • Start and end points: Start at the front steps of the Beckman Institute and end at the north entrance to the Stock Pavilion
  • General description: This walk incorporates the Beckman Quad, Bardeen Quad, Main Quad, and South Quad. We have found it to be one of the most beautiful and most time-efficient north-to-south walks on this campus.
  • Directions: Start at the southern entrance of the Beckman Institute facing the sundial. From there proceed to the south. Continue south through the cross walk just past the Digital Computer Laboratory. Following this continue on the western sidewalk of the Bardeen Quad. Once through the Bardeen Quad, pass through the cross walk on Green Street and walk down the western side of the Main Quad. This will take you past the Undergraduate Library and to the South Quad via yet another crosswalk. From there continue south all the way to the Stock Pavilion.
  • Steps: 2,024
  • Distance: 1 mile
  • Time to walk at a moderate (15 – 20 minute mile) pace: 17 minutes
What's Great About This Walk
  • The quickest way to travel north to south on campus
  • Almost completely away from vehicle traffic
  • All sidewalks and surrounding areas are extremely well taken care of
  • Many interesting people and sites along the way
What to be aware of on this walk
  • Bicycles are often found on these paths, so be on the lookout.
  • The crosswalks on Springfield Avenue and Green Street are well marked, but these areas are also very busy, so be on the lookout for vehicles.
  • High-use buildings: Beckman Institute, Digital Computer Laboratory, Grainger Library, Talbot Laboratory, Everitt Laboratory, Engineering Hall, Illini Union, Altgeld Hall, Henry Administration Building, Lincoln Hall, Foellinger Auditorium, Gregory Hall, Undergraduate Library, David Kinley Hall, and the Stock Pavilion
  • Eateries: Cafeteria in the Beckman Institute, Bevande inside the Mechanical Engineering Laboratory, restaurants inside the Illini Union, Espresso Royale inside the Undergraduate Library
  • Areas of interest: Creek running through the Bardeen Quad, sundial next to the Beckman Institute, Main Quad, and the Bell Tower on the South Quad