Best Walks for Fitness and Enjoyment

Research Park Trail Walk

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The Basics
  • Start point and end: Corner of Gerty Drive and First Street.
  • General description: This loop walk guides walkers through the Research Park, one of the newest and most visually appealing areas on campus. The walk passes by many innovative company buildings, sustainable landscaping, sculptures, and a large pond with a fountain.
  • Directions: Head north down First Street until reaching St. Mary’s Road. Turn left on St. Mary’s and follow to Oak Street. Turn left on Oak, and left again on Hazelwood Street. Go just past the EnterpriseWorks building and take the sidewalk to the left, heading northeast until reaching the crossroads along the sidewalk of First (across from the iHotel). Turn right and head south back down to Gerty.
  • Steps: 1,110
  • Distance: 0.6 miles
  • Time to walk at a moderate (15 – 20 minute mile) pace: 9 minutes
How To Lengthen This Walk

When coming back south on First to Gerty, turn right on Hazelwood until reaching Oak. Turn left on Oak and follow to Gerty. Turn left and head east to get back to Gerty and First. (Please note that there is no sidewalk on either side of Gerty. Use caution if choosing this route.)

What's Great About This Walk
  • This walk features one of the most aesthetically pleasing areas on campus.
  • It provides a fresh atmosphere, different from the rest of campus.
  • Part of the walk is away from any roadway, and there are no intersections to cross except parking lot entrances.
  • Several amenities are along the walk or nearby, such as banking, mail/package drop-off, and food.
  • The trail is dotted with benches that face beautiful scenery—nice places to enjoy a relaxing lunch.
What to Be Aware of on This Walk
  • The sidewalk ends halfway down St. Mary’s to Oak, and walkers must either walk through a parking lot or grass (as there is no sidewalk on the other side of St. Mary’s either).
  • Some portions are shared walk/ bike paths. Be aware of cyclists on the path.
  • Combination shade and sun
  • High-use buildings: Z-1, Z-2, and Z-3 buildings, Atkins Building, Forbes Natural History Building, Robert A. Evers Laboratory, EnterpriseWorks
  • Recreational areas: Picnic tables
  • Eateries: Houlihan’s, iCafe (In the iHotel, at the corner of St Mary’s and First, adjacent to walk)
  • Metered parking on Gerty
  • Green areas: No-Mow Zones