Best Walks for Fitness and Enjoyment

Urbana State Streets—Carle Park Walk

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The Basics
  • Start point and end: Allen Residence Hall circle drive (this walk is a loop)
  • General description: The best walk in the campus area for shade! This path takes walkers through a residential area in West Urbana, full of uniquely beautiful homes and landscaping. Walkers also go through Carle Park.
  • Directions: Head north out of Allen Hall and take the adjacent sidewalk to Lincoln Avenue. Cross Lincoln at Iowa Street and head east to Carle Avenue. Turn right to go through Carle Park, and continue walking to Michigan Avenue. Turn right to head west back to Lincoln. Cross Lincoln and head back to Allen Hall via McKinley Health Center's adjacent sidewalks.
  • Steps: 3,082
  • Distance: About 1.4 miles
  • Time to walk at a moderate (15 – 20 minute mile) pace: 25:44
How to Lengthen This Walk
  • Weave in and out of intersecting streets such as Indiana, Ohio, and Busey. Or,
  • Connect to our Illini Grove Walk.
What's Great About This Walk
  • This is one of the most shaded areas on campus—great for a hot summer day or a day you forgot sunscreen.
  • It provides a fresh atmosphere—a complete retreat from the rest of campus.
  • Walkers can take a break at Carle Park to rest, eat lunch, or play!
  • Most of the walk is quiet and free from busy roadways.
  • The area is full of uniquely beautiful homes, gardens, trees, and some brick roadways.
What to Be Aware of on This Walk
  • Lincoln Avenue is typically high in automobile traffic that often does not yield to pedestrians trying to cross.
  • Some areas of sidewalks are uneven, cracked, or display minor overgrown vegetation (most along Iowa Street). Take caution not to trip.
  • Some areas are not well-lit at night.
  • High-use buildings: McKinley Health Center, Allen Residence Hall, Campus Recreation Center East (CRCE)
  • Recreational areas: Carle Park provides benches, a water fountain, a playground, and open space for outdoor activities of choice
  • Metered parking along Dorner Drive, including a lot outside of the Plant Sciences Laboratory; the parking garage is free after 5 p.m.