Civil Service Employees and Dependents Scholarship Program - 2017


It is with great joy that we remind anyone reading this notice that scholarships have been awarded since 1984.  After 33 years of service, the Scholarship Program Committee is in the process of an analysis of the original program intent to ensure its continuity into perpetuity.  This lengthy process is ongoing and for that reason, it has been decided to suspend awarding scholarships for a limited time.  As you may know, February is the time of year that we begin to accept applications so it is important that we share this with you now.

As you may know, Civil Service employees established the Civil Service Employees and Dependents Scholarship Fund in 1984 for Civil Service employees and their dependents.  This scholarship program was originally conceived and implemented by Marjorie Beasley and Judy Barker.  Postulating the concept of employees helping employees to succeed, the goals and objectives of the Program were designed to 'assist' Civil Service employees and their dependents to achieve educational goals by providing selected recipients with financial assistance in their pursuit of an undergraduate degree. In the early years, a number of campus units including the Personnel Services Office gave in-kind donations of time and materials to further the goals of this fund so a firm footing could be developed.   The Civil Service Employees and Dependents Scholarship Fund was established by donations from Civil Service employees, retirees, the Secretariat, the Classified Employees Association, the Fraternal Order of Police and a large number of fund-raising events including sponsoring concession stands at Farm Aid and Illinois home football and basketball games.

With this strong history, please know we will return with more information and the continuation of awarding scholarships as this process moves forward.  Not only is this Program important but also it is a life-long passion of the Beasley family and it is a priority for it to continue to be a valuable resource in the fabric of Civil Service employees.

Should you have any questions, please forward them to Marcia (Beasley) Miller at