Academic Orientation FAQ


FAQ Answer
Am I required to attend? No, however surveyed attendees have noted this to be a good use of their time as a new hire.
Can anyone attend? All new academic staff are invited to attend.
How can I find out more about the weekly orientation put on by the Benefits Office? Benefits phone number is (217) 265-6363. You can also visit them online at Benefits.
I already went to the Benefits Orientation. Is this a duplication of that session? No. The Benefits Orientation is set up to give you in-depth guidance to enrolling in your benefits package. The Academic Orientation is set up to discuss a wider spectrum of topics. For details, visit the agenda page.
I am a new employee but I wasn’t included in the invitation. Can I still attend? Yes. If your name wasn’t included in the initial invitation, you can simply go to the registration page to register.
I can’t attend, can you send an information packet? Absolutely. Contact our office at (217) 333-6747 and we will be happy to send you a packet.
I changed my mind about going. Do I need to do anything? It would be helpful for you to go to the registration page again in order to notify us of your change in plans or contact our office at (217) 333-6747.
I’m not new, but I haven’t attended a session before. Should I attend? If you believe the topics listed in the agenda would be useful, then you are welcome to register.
My colleague is new to the university but didn’t get an invitation. Please ask your colleague to register by using the the registration link above.
What is the dress code? Business casual dress is most common.
What if I can’t attend the session that is closest to my start date? Feel free to select any session that accommodates your schedule.