Meet Our Staff

Karie Wolfson, LCSW, CEAP, GPCC - Director

Karie Wolfson, a Licensed Clinical Social Worker (LCSW), graduated from Southern Illinois University with a Bachelor of Science in Human Services and a Masters of Social Work from the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign.  Ms. Wolfson is a Gestalt Certified Professional Coach (GCPP) with a specialization in working with physical process from the Gestalt Institute of Cleveland, Ohio.  As a Gestalt coach, in partnership with her clients, a process is co-created using the power of present moment awareness to empower, support and transform each individual’s personal capacity to achieve their personal and professional goals.

Her extensive clinical experience is evidenced in her unique ability to effectively support professional and personal development in even the most emotionally-sensitive settings. In all of her organizational work, she brings clarity to the process of identifying barriers to maximize success and to build greater capacity around such key skills as self-awareness, self-management, and creating effective relationships with others.

Karie is a life-long learner.  She has been studying and practicing body-centered psychotherapy for almost 20 years. Karie is trained in Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing (EMDR) and Pat Ogden's Sensorimotor Psychotherapy. She is a Certified Employee Assistance Professional (CEAP).

Ms. Wolfson worked in various capacities within educational and behavioral health care settings including serving as Clinical Director of a rural mental health center and as a family therapist with the Department of Psychiatry at Christie Clinic. Ms. Wolfson joined the University of Illinois in September 2001 and now serves as the Director of the Faculty/Staff Assistance Services.

Ms. Wolfson is a single parent of two adult children. Her son graduated from the University of Illinois and her daughter is completing a degree at Eastern Illinois University.

Chris Ochs, LCPC, CADC - Clinical Counselor

Christopher Ochs graduated from Eastern Illinois University with a Bachelor of Arts (1995) in Psychology and a Master of Science in Education (1996) with a focus on Community Counseling.  Mr. Ochs is a Licensed Clinical Professional Counselor (1999) and also a Certified Alcohol and Drug Counselor (1998).

Mr. Ochs joined the University of Illinois in June 2008 as a Clinical Counselor/Substance Abuse Specialist within Faculty/Staff Assistance Services.  Mr. Ochs has provided counseling services to individuals and families for over 15 years in the Champaign/Urbana community, including managing a private practice since 2005.  As both a Clinical Counselor and Substance Abuse Specialist, Mr. Ochs provides services to address personal and work-related issues including depression, anxiety, stress management, anger management, job performance, and substance abuse.  Mr. Ochs often works with new employees and faculty to aid in the transition to the University.  Chris also enjoys working with adolescents, young adults and couples.

Mr. Ochs is available to present Substance Abuse education and training workshops for supervisors and workgroups upon request. In his role as the FSAS Substance Abuse Specialist, Mr. Ochs performs substance abuse and alcohol assessments with recommendations for treatment.  Chris is also able to coordinate referrals for longer term therapy with outpatient and residential treatment programs. Mr. Ochs provides support for those employees as they return to work from residential treatment.

Mr. Ochs is married and has two school aged children.  When not working, he may be found on stage in Champaign Urbana Ballet productions with his family.  He also enjoys spending time outdoors with family activities.

Morris Mosley, LCSW - Clinical Counselor

Morris Mosley is a social worker who graduated from Quincy University (1977) with a Bachelor of Arts, and the University of Illinois (1987) with a Masters in Social Work- Child Welfare and Service to Families.

Mr. Mosley has extensive experience in behavioral health as therapist in residential treatment, Clinical Director for Cunningham Children's Home, and Program Coordinator for The New Choice Addictions and Recovery at The Pavilion Hospital. Mr. Mosley has also served as training consultant for the Urbana Police Department, The City of Urbana Human Rights Commission, and as a contractual counselor for the Mental Health Center. His experience includes work with families and groups, individuals and couples. Mr. Mosley joined the University of Illinois in 2011, as a clinical counselor for the Faculty/Staff Assistance Services.

Sue Keller, LCSW - Clinical Counselor

Sue Keller is a 1992 graduate of the University of Illinois at Urbana Champaign with a BS in Psychology. After over 20 years as a mental health counselor at Community Elements, she obtained her Masters of Social Work in May, 2014, and went on to earn her LCSW in 2015. She joined the Faculty Staff Assistance Services in August, 2013 as a social work intern.

Sue’s previous clinical positions included work with children, teens, adults, families, crisis intervention, and psychosocial education & counseling. Using a person centered, holistic, and optimistic approach, Sue helps to mobilize the strengths and resources of the person and their support systems to create positive outcomes to stressful situations. Sue also enjoys working with couples, parents, and families, working creatively together to reach goals.

Sue and her husband have two adult children and a two-year-old grandson. When not spending time with family, Sue loves to volunteer, especially with local groups National Alliance on Mental Illness & Community Choices. Being surrounded by nature, going on walks, and dabbling in crafts are also enjoyable pursuits.

Anna Asplund - Clinical Counselor Intern

Anna Asplund graduated from Brigham Young University with a Bachelor of Science in Psychology and a minor in Women’s Studies (2015). She joined the University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign Master of Social Work program in 2017 with an emphasis in Mental Health.

Prior to joining the Faculty/Staff Assistance Services, Anna spent 3 years working as a mental health professional with teenagers in a residential setting. She also spent a year as a social service coordinator at a senior center. Through these opportunities, Anna gained experience working with individuals dealing with depression, anxiety, trauma, and adjustment issues.  She also has experience working with sexual assault survivors. Anna utilizes a holistic and client-centered approach to identify and capitalize on client strengths and support systems.

In her free time, Anna enjoys spending time with her husband, making crafts, reading, and enjoying the great outdoors.

Cassandra Colbert - Graduate Assistant Counselor

Cassandra “Cass” Colbert is a 2001 graduate of the University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign, with a Bachelor of Science in Psychology and a minor in Gender and Women’s Studies. Before joining the Counseling Psychology doctoral program in 2015, Cass spent 14 years in the corporate world where she held various individual contributor and managerial positions. After completing clinical work at the University of Illinois Counseling Center and Heartland Community College Counseling Center, Cass joined Faculty Staff Assistance Services in June 2017 as a Graduate Assistant Counselor. She is excited about the opportunity to be part of an organization where she can utilize both her clinical and professional experience.

Cass has expertise in working with sexual assault survivors and other survivors of interpersonal violence. She has also worked extensively with individuals dealing with depression, anxiety, relationship difficulties, and adjustment issues. Cass employs a client-centered approach where she focuses on the client’s strengths to collaboratively find solutions, while also incorporating a multicultural approach to examine how cultural and societal factors are potentially impacting the individual.

In her free time, Cass enjoys reading, going out to eat with friends, watching sports, and spending time with her adorable nephews!

Aleta Keith - Office Manager

Aleta Keith joined the Faculty/Staff Assistance Services in January, 2015, and could not be more pleased to be part of a unit with such important mission and values. Prior to coming to the U of I in 2013, Aleta spent many years in the private sector as a Continuing Education Specialist at Human Kinetics, where she managed their online courses and sought new opportunities for obtaining continuing education credits for their extensive offerings in the health and wellness field. She also spent several years with the Urbana School District as a Vocational Coordinator where she explored community vocational opportunities and training for students with disabilities.

Aleta received a degree in Early Childhood Education from Parkland College, and a Bachelor of Arts degree in General Studies with a minor in Psychology from Eastern Illinois University.  Aleta loves to spend time with her husband and two grown children, and enjoys the spontaneity that comes with being an empty nester.  Spur of the moment weekend trips to random destinations near and far keep life fun and interesting.  She also enjoys volunteering with local organizations such as Safe Families, C-U at Home, and National Alliance on Mental Illness (NAMI).