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Graduate Assistantship Resources

As of 3/1/12 all Grad NEW HIRE, Reappointments, and ADD-a-JOB transactions will require a signed offer letter attached in the HR Front End (HRFE) application, even for "standard semester dates."

  • 2017 Graduate Assistant Orientation Dates:
    • Thursday, September 7th from 3 – 4:30 p.m. at the Illini Union in Room 404
    • Tuesday, September 12th from 9 – 10:30 a.m. at the Illini Union in Room 314A

Fall 2016 Tuition Waiver Processing Information - (PDF)
Taxation of Tuition Waivers - Graduated Rate Information - (PDF)
2016 Graduate Assistant Orientation Presentation - (PDF)
GEO 2012 - 2017 contract - (PDF)
GEO Stipulations Document - (PDF)

Grad Minimum Rates, 8/16/2017 (PDF)—please note that if you are reappointing a grad job you CANNOT increase the salary on that job at this time unless you need to bring it up to the rate shown on this chart OR the grad needs an "academic progress" pay increase.

Grad & GEO 2016-2017 Minimum Salaries (Effective 2/16/2017) (PDF)

Grad & GEO 8/6/2016 - 2/15/2017 Minimun Salaries (PDF)

Grad & GEO 2015 – 16 Minimum Salaries (PDF)

Grad & GEO 2014 – 15 Minimum Salaries (PDF)

Grad & GEO 2013 – 14 Minimum Salaries (PDF)

Grad & GEO 2012 – 13 Minimum Salaries (PDF)

Grad & GEO 2011 – 12 Minimum Salaries  

Grad & GEO 2010 – 11 Minimum Salaries  

Grad & GEO 2009 – 10 Minimum Salaries

Historical Grad Assistantship Minimum Salaries

Recommended Template for TA Offer Letters - (PDF)

Recommended Template for GA Offer Letters - (PDF)

Recommended Template for RA Offer Letters - (PDF)

Recommended Template for PGA Offer Letters - (PDF)

Recommended Template for TAR Offer Letters - (PDF)

Assistantship Definitions

Pre-Professional Grad Assistant (PGA) Request Form

OBFS Instructions for Paying Awards - Awards are NOT handled through AHR, HR Front End (HRFE), or BANNER/NBAJOBS. Instead, they are done through Payroll's ANA process.

Summer Exception Form (PDF)

Tax Implications Related To Summer Automatic Waivers (PDF)