Service Recognition Awards

2018 Retirees
- by Department

Name Home Department Years of Service
Alana E. Bennett Administrative Information Technology Services 31
Natalie Renee Crook Administrative Information Technology Services 30
Judith A. Benz Agricultural, Consumer, & Environmental Sciences 14
Belva Oradean Blakely Agricultural, Consumer, & Environmental Sciences 14
Donna Marie Buechler Agricultural, Consumer, & Environmental Sciences 20
Ellen Diane Jackson Agricultural, Consumer, & Environmental Sciences 14
Carol A. Kendall Agricultural, Consumer, & Environmental Sciences 19
Carole Jean Lindholm Agricultural, Consumer, & Environmental Sciences 13
Bertha   Noble Agricultural, Consumer, & Environmental Sciences 14
Susan G. Schmall-Ross Agricultural, Consumer, & Environmental Sciences 30
Lisa K. Stickels Agricultural, Consumer, & Environmental Sciences 33
Carol Hank Strohbeck Agricultural, Consumer, & Environmental Sciences 30
Betsy R. Winkelmann Agricultural, Consumer, & Environmental Sciences 15
Margaret E. Cupps Campus Honors Program 23
Donald P. Rudder Campus Parking 29
Elaine M. Rodgers Cell & Developmental Biology 29
Candace S. Koester Center for Advanced Study 32
Lynn M. Charters Center for Global Studies 31
Elizabeth Ann Cromwell Center for Innovation in Teaching & Learning 19
Colleen M. Lambert Center for Innovation in Teaching & Learning 26
Charles R. Cook Civil & Environmental Engineering 10
Darold F. Marrow Civil & Environmental Engineering 13
James C. Reeder Civil & Environmental Engineering 17
Sheila A. Roberts Cline Center for Advanced Social Research 34
Darcy Ann Johnson College of Liberal Arts & Sciences 13
Gail L. Scott College of Liberal Arts & Sciences 25
Susan L. Conrad College of Media 20
C Elaine Wilson Computer Science 23
Carol J. Wisniewski Coordinated Science Lab 8
Colleen K. Lynch Coordinated Science Laboratory 18
Donna L. Melzer Council on Teacher Education 31
Frances A. Bright Counseling Center 34
Marcia Ann Johnson Crop Sciences 37
Michael E. Vose Crop Sciences 32
Nancy R. Bower Department of Animal Sciences 29
Cynthia D. Williams Department of Electrical & Computer Engineering 29
Dorinda K. Miller Department of Natural Resources & Environmental Sciences 30
Julia C. Spitz Department of Recreation, Sport and Tourism 34
Mary Joan Hildreth Division of Intercollegiate Athletics 30
Julie K. Pioletti Division of Intercollegiate Athletics 34
Anthony J. Brown Division of Public Safety 28
Rebecca L. Lauher Division of Public Safety 27
Kathy Ann Reeves Engineering Administration 30
Chester D. Akers Facilities & Services 30
William Andrew Anderson Facilities & Services 13
Barry Jack Bailey Facilities & Services 14
Kevin Lee Bartlow Facilities & Services 11
Bard R. Benefield Facilities & Services 21
Roger A. Bensyl Facilities & Services 38
Ramona M. Burns Facilities & Services 27
Kerry D. Butler Facilities & Services 29
Philip E. Clark Facilities & Services 19
Danny W. Ennis Facilities & Services 29
Alan Dale Halberstadt Facilities & Services 12
Jane A. Hamilton Facilities & Services 10
Bruce D. Hinman Facilities & Services 17
Frank S. Hoffman Facilities & Services 25
Bryan D. Holderfield Facilities & Services 29
Jon G. Hollern Facilities & Services 28
Michael P. Kelley Facilities & Services 30
Connie L. Kilman Facilities & Services 24
Jack L. Marks Facilities & Services 21
David H. McKinney Facilities & Services 28
Robert R. Milanec Facilities & Services 20
Cora Lee Morris Facilities & Services 14
Roland James Munsterman Facilities & Services 12
Larry E. Negangard Facilities & Services 25
Anita Catherine Northway Facilities & Services 17
Cleve   Redding Facilities & Services 18
Harold E. Redman Facilities & Services 28
Dale M. Reeder Facilities & Services 19
Keith D. Restad Facilities & Services 29
Gary L. Schweighart Facilities & Services 25
James Kevin Stuart Facilities & Services 10
Kip Martin Sullivan Facilities & Services 11
Michael D. Swartz Facilities & Services 30
Michael R. Swope Facilities & Services 20
Corey A. Tavenner Facilities & Services 18
Michael A. Winterbottom Facilities & Services 23
Douglas H. Woodworth Facilities & Services 25
Teresa D. Henderson Fine & Applied Arts 21
Becky Sue Burklund Gies Business Career Services 11
Jack R. Aud Hydrogeo & Geophysics 10
Thomas P. O'Donnell Illini Union 29
Harold R. Nelson Illinois Integrated Pest Management 21
M Lynnette Miller-Ishmael Illinois Natural History Survey 10
Sandra L. Horn Illinois School of Music 24
John H. Minor Illinois School of Music 25
Brenda Kay Riney Illinois State Water Survey 10
Kendra Sue Swiger Imaging Technology Group 30
Kim L. Johnson Institute for Genomic Biology 32
Jean M. Benefield Institute of Government & Public Affairs 36
Nancy G. Probst Japan House 17
Patricia K. Hawkins Kinesiology & Community Health 21
Mark V. Hix Krannert Art Museum 17
Walter D. Rohr Krannert Art Museum 13
John   Dayger Krannert Center for the Performing Arts 6
Randy L. Greever Krannert Center for the Performing Arts 19
John Albert Hazelbaker Krannert Center for the Performing Arts 20
Jolene M. Perry Krannert Center for the Performing Arts 19
Louise Christy Johns Materials Research Laboratory 18
Lou A. Miller Materials Research Laboratory 31
Terralisa Montrec Cooper McKinley Health Center 29
Amy J. Markham McKinley Health Center 29
Linda M. Monroy McKinley Health Center 28
Terri L. Smith McKinley Health Center 7
Beth E. McKown National Center for Supercomputing Applications 38
Christopher Lance Moxley National Center for Supercomputing Applications 21
Edward L. Young National Center for Supercomputing Applications 29
Janice E. Cler OBFS - Purchasing Office 12
Darlene M. Walker Office of Student Financial Aid 29
Margaret A. Buchner Office of the Chancellor 10
Lori A. Oakes Office of the Chief Information Officer 30
Beverly J. Wallace Pedagogy & Learning Communication 28
Kenneth L. Roemer Physics 17
Sherry L. Holzner Police Training Institute 31
Kathie S. Alblinger President's Office 33
Kathleen Margaret Anderson-Conner Program in Arms Control & Domestic and International Security 13
Mae   Donaldson Psychology Department 30
Jeffrey D. Dilley School of Art & Design 21
Tracie L. Hubert School of Chemical Sciences 32
Lori Lynn Baker School of Earth, Society, & Environment 29
Michelle M. Campbell School of Earth, Society, & Environment 30
David E. Roesch State Farm Center 18
Beverly   Palmer Student Affairs 30
Jill Ann Waller Student Affairs 29
Ellensue   Cameron Technology Services 38
Brian J. Cockerham Technology Services 30
Randall L. Hall Technology Services 34
Albert C. Hoss Technology Services 12
Franklin R. Archey University Housing 28
James W. Bubon University Housing 6
William D. Compton University Housing 21
Jane M. Cox University Housing 40
Michael Omer Creech University Housing 12
Arena R. Jackson University Housing 30
Brenda S. Jones University Housing 20
Ruth Ann Leming University Housing 29
Otto L. Leslie University Housing 7
James A. May University Housing 27
Craig Neil Rosson University Housing 21
Regina S. Smith University Housing 25
Raymond T. South University Housing 20
David L. Wingate University Housing 20
Robin E. Beck University Library 35
Susan B. Duncan University Library 36
Frederick B. Hess University Library 29
Sandra L. Holloway University Library 30
Hyon J. Kim University Library 25
Jane C. Menkhaus University Library 18
Judith A. Robinson University Library 21
Robyn K. Bathon University of Illinois Foundation 19
Donna J. Lackey University of Illinois Foundation 14
Jeanne A. Elliot University Payables 17
Kathleen S. Tuggle University Payables 34
Louis W. Mesker University Press 33
Mary L. Wolfe University Press 23
Dennis J. Birkley Veterinary Medicine 30
Misty Gay Oakley Veterinary Medicine 36
Ted E. Shearer Veterinary Medicine 10
Barbara Ann Drennan Veterinary Teaching Hospital 20
Ronnie M. Deckard Willard Airport 18
Howard C. Williams Willard Airport 19