Service Recognition Awards

2018 Service Recognition Honorees
- by Department

Name Home Department Years of Service
Doris A. Braddock Agricultural, Consumer, & Environmental Sciences 25
Vicki C. McDaniel Agricultural, Consumer, & Environmental Sciences 35
Christine L. Perry Agricultural, Consumer, & Environmental Sciences 25
Leanne M. Rahn Agricultural, Consumer, & Environmental Sciences 30
Susan D. Sewell Agricultural, Consumer, & Environmental Sciences 25
Rosemarie   Sisco Agricultural, Consumer, & Environmental Sciences 25
Selena K. Douglass Bureau of Educational Research 35
Amy Elizabeth Ware Business Administration 25
Dawn F. Phelps Campus Parking 25
Ranae K. Buck Center for Training and Professional Development 30
Joyce M. Snider Civil & Environmental Engineering 40
Scott D. Baker College of Liberal Arts & Sciences 25
Donna Jean Vaughn Huls College of Liberal Arts & Sciences 30
Louis N. Rawley College of Liberal Arts & Sciences 25
Barbara L. Haegele College of Medicine 25
Susan Lynn Smith College of Medicine 30
Susan C. Mahannah Computer Science 30
Kathleen Ann Runck Computer Science 25
Scott A. McDonald Department of Electrical & Computer Engineering 30
Victoria M. Corkery Department of Mathematics 35
Robyn R. Camp Division of Campus Recreation 35
Joel T. McArthur Division of Campus Recreation 25
Richard J. Birdsell Division of Intercollegiate Athletics 35
Jennifer L. Payan Division of Public Safety 25
Vicki J. Strom Division of Public Safety 25
Debra L. Maze Division of Research Safety 25
Keith L. Nachtigall Division of Research Safety 25
Doug A. Barger Facilities & Services 25
Mike O. Brown Facilities & Services 25
Ronald W. Cooper Facilities & Services 25
Patty L. Douglas Facilities & Services 25
Anthony W. Frisby Facilities & Services 25
Donna Louise Greene Facilities & Services 30
H. W. Randall Haines Facilities & Services 25
Gregory B. Kaiser Facilities & Services 25
Eric V. Knisley Facilities & Services 25
Matthew G. Redshaw Facilities & Services 25
Tim B. Rice Facilities & Services 25
Eric E. Rochester Facilities & Services 25
Joy S. Rohl Facilities & Services 30
Judy E. Stebbins Facilities & Services 25
Bradley J. Ward Facilities & Services 30
Alan J. Weinstein Facilities & Services 25
Steven L. Willard Facilities & Services 25
Cindy L. Curtiss Gies College of Business 25
Cindy K. Wood Gies College of Business 30
Elizabeth L. O'Donnell Illini Union 30
Christopher  D. K. Miller Institute for Genomic Biology 25
Harold T. Southern Law Library 35
Douglas A. Jeffers Materials Research Laboratory 30
Karen A. Chumbley McKinley Health Center 25
Anita A. Lewis McKinley Health Center 30
Alan F. Mohn McKinley Health Center 25
Paula K. Moxley Mechanical Science & Engineering 25
Pamela S. Vanetta Mechanical Science & Engineering 30
Janilyn J. Daily OBFS - University Accounting & Financial Reporting 30
Lori A. Knuth Office of Student Financial Aid 25
Kimberly Christine Dalluge Office of Student Health Insurance 25
Debbie A. Kemphues Office of the Provost and Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs 30
Sandra W. Gorman Office of the Chief Information Officer 30
Ann K. Longfellow Office of the Dean of Students 25
Michael Scott Hallihan Office of the Secretary Board of Trustees 25
Corbin J. Smith Office of the Vice Chancellor for Student Affairs 25
David W. Hire School of Chemical Sciences 25
Roger W. Smith School of Chemical Sciences 25
Marilyn S. de Jong Staff Human Resources 30
Rodney G. Campbell University Housing 25
Robby C. Eastham University Housing 30
Louis E. Fincham University Housing 30
Michael R. Martin University Housing 30
Katherine   Mock Shepherd University Housing 30
Ervin J. Pruitt University Housing 25
Kevin Earl Shipley University Housing 25
Ellen L. Upton University Housing 25
Lonnie E. Clark University Library 25
Byris E. Dancy University of Illinois Foundation 30
Bridgett N. Fleener University of Illinois Foundation 25
Alyssa Jennifer Duncan Veterinary Teaching Hospital 25
Vicky Lynne Edwards Veterinary Teaching Hospital 30
Jeffrey W. Gooch Willard Airport 25