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As one of the highest ranked public research universities in the country, Illinois is simply a great place to work.

Founded in 1867, the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign stands at the forefront of research, teaching, and public engagement. Our pioneering work in technology has led to remarkable innovations from both our faculty and alumni. From YouTube to medical MRI screening, our contributions have reshaped industries worldwide, offering a wealth of career possibilities for those who join our community.

Career Opportunities

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To apply for full-time non-faculty positions.

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Current Employees

University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign employees access the job board by following the link below and signing in with your credentials.

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Positions both tenured and non-tenured.

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 Positions that are less than 100% of full-time.

Why Work at the University of Illinois


The University of Illinois values, respects, and supports all employees and emphasizes the diverse ways that employees carry out and support the university’s mission. Join the over 31,000 faculty and staff along with the 56,000 students that make up the University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign!

The university is in the twin cities of Champaign and Urbana in east-central Illinois. Situated about 140 miles south of Chicago, 125 miles west of Indianapolis, and 180 miles northeast of St. Louis.

Job Categories

Overview of Administrative Roles

Administrative roles involve tasks related to the management and coordination of various office functions. This category includes positions responsible for organizational support, record-keeping, and general office management. Advanced degrees are often required.

Overview of Administrative Support Roles

Administrative support roles play a crucial role in ensuring the smooth operation of the institution by providing essential organizational assistance. Unlike positions requiring advanced degrees, these roles are accessible to individuals with a strong skill set and experience in administrative tasks.

Crafts & Trades Overview

Crafts and trades encompass roles that require specific skills in manual or technical work. This includes positions such as carpenters, electricians, and other skilled tradespeople contributing to the physical infrastructure of the institution.

Education and Student Support

This category covers roles dedicated to academic support and student services. It includes educators, counselors, and staff involved in creating a positive learning environment for students.

Research Roles Overview

Research positions focus on advancing knowledge and contributing to the institution's scholarly activities. This category includes researchers, scientists, and professionals engaged in various research disciplines.

Service Operations Overview

Service operations roles involve providing essential services to support the daily functioning of the institution. This includes roles in facilities management, logistics, and other operational areas.

Technical Roles Overview

Technical positions require specialized skills in areas such as IT, engineering, and technology. This category includes roles responsible for maintaining and advancing the institution's technical infrastructure.

Requesting an Accommodation

The University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign is committed to the full inclusion of all qualified individuals and to providing reasonable accommodations on the basis of disability, pregnancy, childbirth, or related conditions, and religious beliefs, practices, or observances. Individuals requiring a reasonable accommodation to complete the application or interview process may submit a request through the reasonable accommodations portal, or by contacting the Accessibility and Accommodation Division of the Office for Access & Equity at 217-333-0885 or by email to

Equal Opportunity/Affirmative Action

The University of Illinois is an equal opportunity, affirmative action employer dedicated to building a community of excellence, equity, and diversity. All qualified applicants will receive consideration for employment without regard to race, color, religion, sex, national origin, ancestry, age, order of protection status, genetic information, marital status, disability, sexual orientation including gender identity, unfavorable discharge from the military or status as a protected veteran and will comply with all federal and state nondiscrimination, equal opportunity and affirmative action laws, orders, and regulations.

Offers of employment by the University of Illinois may be subject to approval by the University’s Board of Trustees and are made contingent upon the candidate’s successful completion of any criminal background checks and other pre-employment assessments that may be required for the position being offered. Additional information regarding such pre-employment checks and assessments may be provided as applicable during the hiring process.

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