Performance Management

Specialized Faculty

Definition of Specialized Faculty

Non-tenure track (modified professorial titles, lecturer, instructor, teaching associate, research associate, and clinical associate).  Units set the education requirements; however, these positions require a minimum of a bachelor's degree.

Faculty Unionization Resources

Contact Information

Specific employee relations questions associated with Specialized Faculty should be directed to:

Name Title Email Phone
Heather Horn Assistant Director (217) 333-3105
Yulee Kim Employee Relations Coordinator (217) 333-3105

Employee Concerns

Employees are always encouraged to resolve concerns at the lowest possible level within their respective organization.  Concerns can often be resolved when employees speak directly to their immediate supervisor.  It is often the case that colleges, departments, and administrative units have bylaws that outline processes to address concerns.  Academic Human Resources is available as a resource to help employees determine resources that are available to them. 

One specific resource available to Other Academics is the Faculty Advisory Committee (FAC)

Performance Management

Supervisors should contact Academic Human Resources with questions related to performance management.  AHR can provide template communications that help supervisors relay workplace expectations on subjects related to:


A summary of benefits available to employees can be found at: