Service Recognition Awards

2016 Retirees
- by Department

Name Home Department Years of Service
Patricia L. Cardenas Agricultural, Consumer, & Environmental Sciences 14
Chris M. Delach Agricultural, Consumer, & Environmental Sciences 41
Linda Kay Eberlin Agricultural, Consumer, & Environmental Sciences 4
Connie L. Elliott Agricultural, Consumer, & Environmental Sciences 23
Nancy Jeanne Flessner Agricultural, Consumer, & Environmental Sciences 13
Barbara Glaub Agricultural, Consumer, & Environmental Sciences 7
Connie Jean Goldasich Agricultural, Consumer, & Environmental Sciences 17
William Hamer Agricultural, Consumer, & Environmental Sciences 7
Vera D. Hardy Agricultural, Consumer, & Environmental Sciences 33
Cynthia J. Johnson Agricultural, Consumer, & Environmental Sciences 20
David Ray Lindgren Agricultural, Consumer, & Environmental Sciences 32
Rose Marie Michl Agricultural, Consumer, & Environmental Sciences 16
Danna L. Neville Agricultural, Consumer, & Environmental Sciences 16
Jacqueline Kaye Roy Agricultural, Consumer, & Environmental Sciences 16
Lisa Ann Stephens Agricultural, Consumer, & Environmental Sciences 22
Marilyn Kay Thompson Agricultural, Consumer, & Environmental Sciences 13
Marla S. Wilkins Agricultural, Consumer, & Environmental Sciences 21
Mary J. Ellerbe Asian American Studies 27
Christine Mechling Beckman Institute 19
David B. Chumbley Campus Mail 28
Eva F. Ballard Center for Innovation in Teaching & Learning 28
Lynn Ellen Doolen Center for Innovation in Teaching & Learning 13
Carol C. Eliason Center for Prevention Research & Development - IGPA 18
Vickie L. Sheridan Chemistry 16
Geraldine A. Drake Child Development Laboratory 16
Epifania Gallego Child Development Laboratory 6
Phyllis Lorraine Miller College of Business 34
Rebecca J. Grady College of Education 13
Claudia A. Cook College of Engineering 30
Shelley Marie Snider College of Engineering 10
Patricia A. Carlson College of Law 19
Lisa Maria Jewell Cripe College of Law 7
Roger D. Shonkwiler College of Law 27
Marsha H. Nix College of Liberal Arts & Sciences 4
Deanna J. Farber College of Veterinary Medicine 9
Yvonne M. Sergent College of Veterinary Medicine 31
Cindy S. Stauffer College of Veterinary Medicine 30
David H. Stoppkotte College of Veterinary Medicine 23
Carol A. Phillippe Dean's Office 23
Billie F. Allen Department of Animal Sciences 31
Joseph W. Lieb Department of Animal Sciences 28
Chet W. Utterback Department of Animal Sciences 29
Barbara S. McCall Department of Anthropology 29
Barbara A. Frahm Department of Civil & Environmental Engineering 8
Angela S. Smith Department of English 17
Jacqueline Smith Bowdry Department of Entomology 30
Marilyn K. Whalen Department of Geology 26
Rhondda R. Chase Department of History 19
Maria T. Rund Department of Human Development & Family Studies 24
Lori A. Dick Department of Mathematics 30
Carol L. Olsen Preston Department of Natural Resources & Environmental Sciences 30
Lieu Thi Ngo Division of Animal Resources 18
Charles Lynn Peters Division of Campus Recreation 10
John Elbert Hines Division of Intercollegiate Athletics 16
Brett E. Byrd Division of Public Safety 23
Vernon G. Frost Division of Public Safety 27
Timothy D. Harper Division of Public Safety 23
Christopher Hawk Division of Public Safety 20
Stephen M. Mechling Division of Public Safety 27
Sandra K. Soard Division of Public Safety 25
David Roy Alms Facilities & Services 30
Sharon L. Ball Facilities & Services 30
Scott L. Bane Facilities & Services 26
Edward J. Burdette Facilities & Services 26
Pammela S. Butler Facilities & Services 28
Keith A. Carrillo Facilities & Services 30
Stanley E. Davis Facilities & Services 19
James G. Decker Facilities & Services 28
Randy L. Dodd Facilities & Services 28
Timothy J. Eckstein Facilities & Services 22
David J. Eisenmann Facilities & Services 31
Paul C. Grammer Facilities & Services 20
Ralph T. Hensley Facilities & Services 21
Judy E. Hermer Facilities & Services 27
Michael D. Kelley Facilities & Services 26
Kenneth E. Ketchum Facilities & Services 27
Alonda R. King Facilities & Services 28
Robert Lewis Facilities & Services 24
Jeff J. Markel Facilities & Services 30
Clifford Morris Markham Facilities & Services 9
Linda Marie Ogden Facilities & Services 18
Janet M. Olson Facilities & Services 10
Richard H. Peterson Facilities & Services 18
Michael R. Porter Facilities & Services 27
John M. Prince Facilities & Services 34
Jeffery L. Reed Facilities & Services 26
Mary Ann Singleton Facilities & Services 9
Charlene S. Smith Facilities & Services 15
James G. Smith Facilities & Services 10
Paul D. Stansberry Facilities & Services 20
William Mark Stewart Facilities & Services 10
Eddie J. Tolley Facilities & Services 19
Edward E. Torbert Facilities & Services 28
Chuoi V. Tran Facilities & Services 20
Dennis W. Vandeventer Facilities & Services 18
Laurence L. Wells Facilities & Services 27
Joseph L. Williams Facilities & Services 29
Ray R. Zbinden Facilities & Services 25
Keenan Detrick Anderson Illini Union 31
Carol A. Apperson Illini Union 13
Kelly Lee Strode Illini Union 30
Sharie Irvine Jamison Illinois Abroad & Global Exchange 14
Cynthia A. Briedis Illinois State Geological Survey 7
Barbara E. Jauhola Institute for Genomic Biology 33
Debra Elaine Piper Institute for Genomic Biology 14
Constance A. Wilder Institute for Genomic Biology 10
Leigh Ann Whitson Interdisciplinary Health Sciences 14
Robin D. Baker Krannert Center for the Performing Arts 16
Peggy Jo Burke McKinley Health Center 17
Debbi M. Dietz McKinley Health Center 37
Sandra M. Hill McKinley Health Center 17
Julie Anne Knowles McKinley Health Center 29
Rebecca J. Liffick McKinley Health Center 21
Tracy L. Runck McKinley Health Center 23
Martyne R. Wetzel McKinley Health Center 20
Jennifer Sue Hayden Mechanical Science & Engineering 29
S. Alan Knell Micro & Nanotechnology Laboratory 29
Hendrik Ten Have National Center for Supercomputing Applications 11
Sheri L. Chambers National Soybean Research Laboratory 32
Pamela Anderson New Student Programs 32
Cheryl L. Coad OBFS - Capital Programs & Real Estate 20
Deborah F. Lust OBFS - Capital Programs & Real Estate 29
Freddie Mae Pursley OBFS - Office of the Senior Associate VP for Business & Finance 22
Mary L. Bolser OBFS - University Payables 16
Kathryn Ann Pierce OBFS - University Payables 15
Carole J. Devaney OBFS - University Payroll & Benefits 21
Earleen V. Peters OBFS - University Student Financial Services & Cashier Operations 16
Jennifer L. Peacock Office of Student Financial Aid 36
Lori E. Boltz Office of Technology Management 7
Ann B. Bernthal Office of the Chancellor 20
Jo Ann Guynn Office of the Chancellor 11
Mary C. Martin Office of the Chancellor 19
Carol C. Larson Office of the Chief Information Officer 20
Judith M. Lubben Office of the Chief Information Officer 34
Jean Anne Prentice Office of the Chief Information Officer 30
Janet L. Wiegel Office of the Vice Chancellor for Research 19
Michael E. Fitzgerald Parking Department 19
Arlie C. Greek President's Office 28
Christopher R. Wilcock School of Architecture 28
Karen L. Gaylord School of Chemical Sciences 30
Lila J. Evans School of Information Sciences 30
Cathy Elaine Penny School of Literatures, Cultures, & Linguistics 28
Marlynna Schaefer School of Literatures, Cultures, & Linguistics 29
Kathy P. Thinnes School of Molecular & Cellular Biology 31
Kathleen M. Dysart School of Social Work 28
Cynthia L. Reed Staff Human Resources 28
Charlotte B. Westle Staff Human Resources 14
Michael D. Aper Technology Services 29
Dianne Bailey University Housing 27
Kenton E. Baxter University Housing 23
Edward W. Bialeschki University Housing 30
Daniel L. Clark University Housing 27
Susan E. Close University Housing 29
Deborah J. Danner University Housing 21
Bridget L. Davis University Housing 29
Willie V. Green University Housing 25
Stephen Kent Henager University Housing 8
Larry Alan Johnson University Housing 5
Valarie D. Martin University Housing 19
Bryan McMullan University Housing 31
Richie D. Pankau University Housing 31
Paul Leland Ray University Housing 14
Michael P. Ridinger University Housing 29
Gloria J. Riggsby University Housing 14
David M. Roberts University Housing 25
Vicki L. Rollins University Housing 20
Debra A. Smith University Housing 20
Edward Thorpe University Housing 23
Gloria Ann Von Behren University Housing 20
James F. Whalen University Housing 17
Susan L. Wilson University Housing 27
Michael A. Cinker University Library 29
Lisa G. Fielder University Library 29
Carolyn J. Gammon University Library 63
Madeline J. Gibson University Library 18
Melanie Krueger University Library 33
Bonnie I. Oliff University Library 15
Gerry L. Stigberg University Library 33
Marie L. Till University Library 21
Julia K. Watkins University Library 40
Faynett R. Weatherspoon University Library 30
Sandra L. Wolf University Library 31
Barbara Therese Osiek University of Illinois Foundation 8
Marlene Ann McGovern Veterinary Clinical Medicine 27
Joseph A. Bokor Veterinary Teaching Hospital 16
Wayne W. Conatser Veterinary Teaching Hospital 28
Thomas D. Ferguson Veterinary Teaching Hospital 16