Frequently Asked Questions

What kind of services do you provide?

The University of Illinois values its employees and is pleased to provide professional and confidential counseling services to employees experiencing personal or work-related concerns. Assessment, short-term counseling, and referrals are provided. Counselors can also help identify community resources and offer follow-up assistance as needed.
Faculty/Staff Assistance and Well-Being Services (FSAWS) counselors provide consultations to supervisors and conduct on-site workplace interventions when needed. FSAWS counselors also conduct workshops on topics such as stress management and improving workplace communication.

Can my family members and significant others use the FSAWS services?

Yes, family members and significant others residing in an employee’s household are eligible for FSAWS services. Counselors can help employees and their families resolve personal problems that may be affecting job performance and/or personal wellbeing.

Can retirees of the university use the FSAWS?

Yes, retirees are welcome to use FSAWS services at no charge.

What is the cost?

FSAWS services are free of charge. If a referral is made to an outside provider on your behalf, counselors will do their best to secure services that are coordinated with your health insurance benefits.

What kind of issues can the FSAWS help with?

FSAWS counselors are trained to assist in many areas that include but are not limited to emotional issues such as depression, anxiety and grief; financial difficulties; couples, family, or relationship conflicts; personal concerns; stress-related problems; difficult work situations; and alcohol/drug abuse.

What about confidentiality?

All information regarding your use of FSAWS services is confidential. Information will not be released without your written permission except where directed by law. Information does not become part of your personnel file and the use of services will not affect your job security or future promotions.

How do I contact the FSAWS for an appointment?

Employees and family members can contact the FSAWS at (217) 244-5312 Monday through Friday 8:30 a.m. – 5:00 p.m. to schedule an appointment. If an emergency arises outside of normal business hours, you can contact our 24-hour crisis line at (217) 244-7739.

Can FSAWS services be utilized on work time?

Yes, work time may be used for your first appointment with an FSAWS counselor. However, for follow-up appointments, work time may be granted or leave time may be required based on your supervisor’s discretion.

How long should I plan to be away from work?

The first appointment will be 90 minutes. Follow-up appointments will be 50 minutes.

Who are the counselors on staff?

Meet our staff.

Can I choose which counselor I would like to see?

Yes, if you have a preference as to which counselor you would like to see, you may indicate that when you call for an appointment.