Faculty/Staff Emergency Fund

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What is the Illinois Faculty Staff Emergency Fund?

The Illinois Faculty and Staff Emergency Fund was conceived by concerned faculty and staff for the sole purpose of financially assisting other faculty and staff in times of crisis. The Illinois Faculty/Staff Emergency Fund Committee is a grass-roots group. It is supported by the Chancellor and coordinates the development, promotion, and fund-raising for the emergency fund. The first donation to the fund was made by family and friends in memory of Joseph J. Schmiedel, a graduate and former employee of the university. Memorial gifts and other one-time gifts, such as donations in honor of retirees or of those receiving distinguished awards, will build upon the base and perpetuate the fund.

Is there a need on this campus for an emergency fund?

Yes. Employees are the most vital resource of this university. A financial crisis can happen at any time to any person. Long-term and terminal illnesses, death of a family member, substance abuse, and family breakups can and do create financial hardships, which can affect work performance. At such times, the emergency fund, administered in a confidential manner and composed of donations from colleagues, friends and family, enables recipients to retain their dignity in the midst of hardship as well as to realize that their significant contributions to the institution are being recognized. At the same time, donors experience the satisfaction of helping to bridge the financial gap for their colleagues until other assistance can be identified.

What is the goal of fundraising for the Emergency Fund?

The goal is to receive an annual contribution, no matter how small, from each faculty and staff member. One hundred percent participation would send a powerful message to our colleagues. The collective results of each faculty and staff member contributing an appropriate amount would have major impact on this campus.

Will the Emergency Fund be related to or conflict with the university’s traditionally strong support of the Campus Charitable Fund Drive?

No. The Campus Charitable Fund Drive (CCFD) is the only annual, combined charitable giving campaign for the employees at the University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign. Through the eight-week CCFD, University employees can help improve the lives of people in our community and around the world. CCFD gives University employees precise control over where their contributions are spent. Whether you want to help alleviate poverty and hunger, preserve a natural area, fight discrimination, prevent child abuse, or cure a deadly disease, there is a nonprofit working to see these goals become reality.

Contributions from U of I employees on the Urbana-Champaign campus, retirees, and Foundation employees help support eleven umbrella agencies and around 700 other non-profit organizations. In previous years, U of I employees and retirees contributed more than $1.3 million.

Who is eligible to apply for assistance from the Emergency Fund?

The following employees are eligible for assistance from the emergency fund: faculty members with at least a 50% appointment who have completed at least six months of service, academic professional staff members with at least a 50% appointment who have completed at least six months of service, and status staff employees with at least a 50% appointment who have completed at least six months of service. An employee does not have to contribute to the fund in order to benefit.

Is the information provided by applicants confidential?

Information provided by grant applicants will be treated as confidential and shared only with individuals directly involved in grant administration, processing, and tax reporting.

Is the emergency fund grant a taxable event?

Yes. This grant is considered taxable income. The total amount will be included as income on the grant recipient’s W-2 form. However, the tax liability is being paid and recorded on your behalf by the fund.

How will the Emergency Fund be administered?

All applicants are directed to the Faculty/Staff Assistance and Well-Being Services. The FSAWS Counselors review each situation, pursue all relevant campus and community resources, and forward cases that meet eligibility requirements to a Chancellor-appointed Executive Committee of three, whose identity is known only to the Chancellor and FSAWS staff. The Executive Committee notifies the FSAWS staff of its decision. When the committee recommends a grant, the FSAWS staff instructs the Illinois Human Resources Business Office to distribute the grant.

How is the fund to be used?

Since the first award on April 30, 1992, employees in crisis situations have significantly benefited from the fund. Some examples are:

  • Preventing the loss of dependent health insurance coverage.
    • Preventing shut-off of utilities.
      • Meeting mortgage or rent payments.

      • How can I donate to the Emergency Fund?

        Click on the contribution form at the top of this page. Please make checks payable to: UIF/UIUC Faculty and Staff Emergency Fund.

        Send donations to:
        University of Illinois Foundation
        Faculty/Staff Emergency Fund
        Harker Hall, M/C 386
        1305 West Green Street
        Urbana, IL 61801

        Your gifts are tax deductible as allowed by law.
        The Faculty/Staff Assistance and Well-Being Services may be able to help. Call us at (217) 244-5312.