Illinois Tobacco Quit Line

Campus Wellbeing Services is pleased to be able to provide a great resource to help you quit smoking and stay quit forever – the Illinois Tobacco Quit Line and Break the Habit cessation program. This program is funded by the Illinois Department of Public Health, and operated by the American Lung Association of Illinois.

Here’s more information about this program:

Q. What does the program consist of?

A. The program combines telephonic counseling with Nicotine Replacement Therapy. Clients are educated and counseled in tobacco cessation according to the individual’s needs. The use of nicotine replacement therapies are integrated into the cessation program, with a special emphasis on behavioral modification.

Q. How much does the program cost?

A. It’s free!

Q. How long does the program last?

A. It depends on your needs. Typically, counselors maintain weekly communication with participants for a minimum of six weeks. Follow-up calls are then made at three months, six months and twelve months.

Q. What if I need more sessions?

A. The services are unlimited — you can call as often as you need to.

Q. Who staffs the quit line?

A. The staff consists of registered nurses, respiratory therapists and certified tobacco treatment specialists. All staff attend accredited Nicotine Dependence training programs. Most have used tobacco in the past.

Q. What languages are services available in?

A. All staff members are English-speaking, two are bi-lingual (English/Spanish), and we have access to a translation service that has interpreters for over 200 languages. TDD is available for the deaf and hard of hearing.

Q. Will anyone know I am going through program?

A. All services are completely confidential.

Two Ways to Get Started

  1. Enroll online. (At bottom of form, select "Campus Wellbeing Services," and USE CLINIC CODE 7387)
  2. Contact Campus Wellbeing Services for a fax referral form at 244-2205 or We will fax your completed form to the Quitline.

A Quitline cessation specialist will contact you within a few days of enrollment.