Wellness-To-Go department and unit programs

Need a thought-provoking opening for a meeting? Are you seeking to create a culture of wellness in your workplace, dorm, or classroom? Campus Wellbeing Services has a wide variety of programs that can be delivered directly to your unit. Our most popular programs include:

  • Stress management
  • Time management
  • Work-life balance
  • Easy office energizers
  • Staying fit in a frantic world

Some of our newer programs include:

  • Life planning
  • New power lunch
  • Small steps to wellness
  • Color me calm

Besides these, we offer a wide array of sessions. These include sessions on getting a good night’s rest, overcoming barriers to wellness, aromatherapy, getting excited about walking, healthy eating on campus, and more.

Sessions are scheduled at your convenience and are delivered at you location. Invest in your staff’s development—contact us today at wellbeing@illinois.edu or (217) 265-9355 to schedule a session.