Departmental Classification Program (DCP)

Departmental Classification Program (DCP)

Since July 1, 1979, Illinois Human Resources and the State Universities Civil Service System have given classification authority for lower level administrative support classes to campus departments. The Departmental Classification Program (DCP) allows unit heads or their designees to classify certain level positions within the assigned units. Although classification decisions are made at the departmental level, Illinois Human Resources classification specialists monitor each transaction for compliance with program guidelines.

The primary purpose of this program is to encourage hiring at lower levels. Program goals are to allow departments greater flexibility in responding to operational needs and to create additional internal promotional opportunities.

The program currently includes the following classifications:

Program Classifications

  •  Accounting Assistant
  •  Accounting Officer
  •  Accounting Specialist
  •  Animal Imaging Technologist I, II, III
  •  Assistant Laboratory Mechanic
  •  Laboratory Mechanic
  •  Cashier I, II, III
  •  Collection Representative
  •  Collection Specialist
  •  Customer Service Assistant
  •  Customer Service Representative
  •  Food Service Cashier
  •  Inventory Clerk
  •  Inventory Specialist
  •  Library Specialist
  •  Senior Library Specialist
  •  Mailing Equipment Operator/Expeditor I, II, III
  •  Medical Radiographer Technologist I, II
  • Office Support Assistant
  • Oiffice Support Associate
  • Office Support Specialist
  • Office Manager
  • Payroll Specialist I, II, III
  • Retail Associate
  • Retail Services Supervisor
  • Veterinary Assistant
  • Veterinary Technician I, II, III

In order for an individual to serve as departmental classifier, the individual will need to be classified at the Office Administrator level or higher. The unit head or designated classifier must first attend a training session conducted by the Illinois Human Resources program coordinator. If personnel changes occur, each new classifier must also attend a training session at Illinois Human Resources before being able to classify positions in the unit.

For more information and/or to set up a training session, please contact Amy Grindley, Program Coordinator, at (217) 333-2136 or