Employee Development and Learning (EDL) advances and supports HR efforts to provide employee development that fosters continuous learning that is relevant and easily transferred into the workplace.

Illinois Human Resources’ Employee Development and Learning (EDL) is a definitive training resource for employees, supervisors, and managers. EDL has a rich history of providing training services as well as linking others to development programs across the university.

Additionally, EDL supports Illinois Human Resources (IHR) in presenting informational and development programs, seminars, meetings, events, and online learning. Under development are IHR's new supervisor onboarding resources and training programs as well as other supervisory and management courses.

Resources provided by and supported by EDL include the following:

Human Resources Series for Supervisors and Managers

The Human Resources Series for Supervisors and Managers (HR Series) is a multi-topic series focused on the basic information required to understand Illinois Human Resources (IHR) policies and guiding principles. Providing crucial information to create a positive workforce and productive work environment, this series of seminars is vital to successful supervision and management. Learn more.

EDL Resources

EDL can facilitate discussions, retreats, events, and large or small meetings.

University staff have access to EDL’s registration system to register your invitees/participants paying with C-FOAPAL accounts or credit cards. The system generates reminders, tabulates final attendance, and sends out program evaluations.

Organizational Development

EDL works with university units to meet their specific professional development and organizational needs. From tailored training programs to culture surveys to providing access to teambuilding activities and otherwise supporting department initiatives, EDL is available to assist or recommend other resources.

Training and Employee Development Advisory Committee (TEDAC)

Chartered in Fall 2018, the Training and Employee Development Advisory Committee (TEDAC) provides input to Illinois Human Resources (IHR) – Strategic Initiatives in its development of professional development programming for civil service staff and academic professionals at Illinois. These activities are aligned with strategic priorities, which include: development of supervisory skills, campus-wide competencies, and employee onboarding.

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