Civil Service

Extra Help Non-Clerical Job Guidelines

Class Name P-Class Code Class Name P-Class Code

Bookstore Cashier
Catering Supervisor
Clerical-Cooperative Extension
Concession Worker
Concession Assistant Supervisor
Concession Supervisor
CPA Monitor
CPA Monitor Supervisor
Food Service
     Head Cook
     Snack Bar Attendant
Gateworker Supervisor
General Catering
General Services
High School Programs

50471 50481


Parking Assistant Supervisor
Parking Supervisor
Recreation Facilities Assistant
Research Program Participant
Simulated Patient
Summer Youth Program
Ticket Seller
Ticket Seller, Senior
Usher, Assistant Head
Usher, Head

P-Class Code Class Name Job Description Duties
50011 Concession Worker Positions sell or supervise the selling of merchandise, collect money and serve prepared foods. They generally work during special events, such as those at Krannert, Division of Intercollegiate Athletics (DIA) or Assembly Hall, but may provide support in service units such as the Illini Union.
50021 Assistant Concession Supervisor
50031 Concession Supervisor
50041 Usher Positions provide or supervise ushering services at special events, such as Assembly Hall or Krannert shows.
50051 Assistant Head Usher
50061 Head Usher
50081 Parker Positions assist in or supervise parking lot control by guiding vehicles to appropriate parking areas during special events.
50091 Assistant Parking Supervisor
50101 Parking Supervisor
50111 Gateworker Positions assist in or supervise gate control by taking tickets, or showing patrons to appropriate entrances during special events.
50131 Gateworker Supervisor
50161 Ticket Seller Positions sell or supervise the selling of admission tickets to customers, count and verify ID's and ticket receipts. They may post sales, process vouchers or balance box office receipts.
50171 Senior Ticket Seller
50211 Food Service
  Helper Positions serve food, assist in food preparation, clean tables and wash dishes.
Laborer Positions perform heavy labor, such as washing pots and pans, scrubbing floors, scraping dishes and transporting supplies, equipment and utensils.
Cook Positions prepare and cook or bake all types of food items. They may assist in salad preparation, serve food and clean kitchen area.
Head Cook Positions supervise food preparation activities.
Snack Bar Attendant Positions prepare and serve fast-foods and beverages in a snack bar/sundry operation.
  General Catering Positions are responsible for general tasks including setup, service, and clean-up of catered events
  Catering Supervisor Positions plan and supervise food service for special groups such as banquets, receptions, weddings, simple service, conference luncheons, and dinners.
50241 Research Program Participant Positions perform a variety of routine tasks to support research or laboratory projects. They may provide animal care, maintain experiment statistics, monitor experiments, grow organisms, perform soil preparation, planting, sampling or lab analyses. They may set up or clean equipment, provide database and spreadsheet support or perform library research.
50271 Seamstress Positions construct and sew costumes, draperies and other materials used in theater productions.
50281 Stagehand Positions assist in physical preparations for shows by hanging lamps, stringing cable, operating curtains and other equipment. The artists' contract determines if employees must be union employees, i.e. yellow or non-yellow card.
Carloaders Positions load and unload show equipment, wardrobe items and scenery from trucks or railroad cars.
50291 Wardrobe Positions assist artists and actors by ironing costumes, repairing garments and assisting them in dressing for performances.
50331 Model Positions pose for students studying drawing, painting, anatomy, medical arts, etc.
50371 CPA Monitor Positions participate in or supervise the set up of exam area, admissions of candidates, distribution and collection of materials, maintenance of records and enforcement of policies and procedures.
50491 CPA Monitor Supervisor
50561 Simulated Patient Positions play the role of patients to provide practical experience for medical students. They are interviewed by students to obtain medical histories and undergo physical examination. (Patients are trained in medical and interpersonal aspects.)
50421 Professional

Positions perform a variety of duties requiring substantial professional or college training. For example, they may be engaged in registered nursing, chemical analyses, or facilities manager.

50451 Technical Positions perform a variety of duties requiring some university, technical or on-the-job training. As examples, they may be engaged in practical nursing, or photography.
(Note: Extra Help employees performing duties in the field of information technology must be employed through the Extra Help Services Office.)
50461 High School Programs High School Programs will be used for all employees hired on an extra help basis through the various high school cooperative education programs. Most employees will be hired at the minimum rate, but the salary range does provide for some flexibility in hiring individuals in the various categories. All hires must be approved in advance by our office and may require protection of minors forms and background checks to be completed prior to hiring.
50471 Bookstore Cashier Positions operate cash registers and count money.
50481 Clerical-Cooperative Extension Positions perform general clerical duties in statewide Cooperative Extension offices. They may keyboard, copy informational materials, assemble materials for mass mailings and file.
50501 General Services Positions perform a variety of routine tasks requiring limited or average skills/knowledge. For example, they may provide general custodial services, provide security services, or handle money.
50511 Recreation Facilities Assistant Positions perform a variety of routine tasks to support activities at recreational facilities. They may accept reservations for patron use of facilities, monitor use of facilities, and schedule patron classes. They may also operate relevant equipment.