Graduate Employees

Payroll & Benefits


The Payroll Services office facilitates the accurate and timely payment of employees on each of the three campuses. The offices also manage payroll schedules, earnings, deductions, taxes, and time reporting.

Viewing Earnings Statements
An Earnings Statement is generated for each pay event (also known as a Pay CALC) which displays an employee’s gross pay, net pay, and all deductions taken from their paycheck.

Updating Direct Deposit Information
If an employee is enrolled in Direct Deposit, each paycheck is deposited into their checking or savings account automatically.

Updating W-4 Information
The W-4 is a federal document listing the federal and state tax exemptions the employee is currently claiming.

Sign Up for Electronic W-2 Form
Once signed up, an employee may also view current and previous years’ W-2 forms online.

Changing/Accessing Personal Information
Name Changes
An employee’s name in the university’s payroll system must match the name on his/her Social Security Card. Therefore, employees who wish to request a name change must submit their SSN card to their home unit for verification. The home unit will then submit the name change electronically to AHR.

Updates to Home/Office address and phone number
Employees may use My UI Info’s Employment Information Form in order to update his/her address and phone information in the university’s payroll system. However, other associated agencies will need to know about any change of information as well. Please visit the Instructions to Update Name, Address, and Phone Number page for additional information.

Changes to Social Security Numbers (SSN)
An employee needing to change his/her Social Security Number should bring his/her SSN card to his/her home unit for verification. The home unit will then submit the SSN change electronically to AHR.

Updates to Employee Information Form (EIF)
Each employee’s Employment Information Form contains a variety of personal information which employees may view or update at any time.

Updates to Loan Default Form
Employees are required to disclose to the university if they have ever been default on a student loan. Employees are also required to complete this form whenever changing from being a student to an academic employee.


For information regarding your university benefits like health, dental, vision, and life insurance, please visit The University Payroll and Benefits Service Center is located in Room 177 of the Henry Administration Building, which is located at 506 South Wright Street in Urbana.

Benefit FAQs

University Benefits Eligibility
Grads are not benefits eligible. Grads receive health coverage for being a graduate student.

Vacation and Sick Leave Eligibility
Grads appointed on a monthly paid assistantship receive only the 13 work days of non-cumulative sick leave per year.

Grads appointed on a monthly paid assistantship on the 12-month-service basis also receive 24 work days of vacation per year.

Grads appointed on a monthly paid assistantship are also eligible for paid days off for the following reasons: jury duty, funeral leave, parental leave, and university holidays.

Grad Hourly positions do not accrue any vacation or sick leave and are paid only for the hours worked. Any hours worked over 40 in one calendar week are eligible for overtime pay.

Summary of Benefits by Employment Category
This chart, in Microsoft Excel format, describes various employee benefits by employee group.


Paid Sick Leave
6 ½ days for a fall or spring semester appointment.
Days are equal to your "work day", not set at 8 hours.

Paid Vacation
Eligible only if appointment is for 12 month duration.
24 days per year (August 16 – August 15).
Days are equal to your "work day," not set at 8 hours.

Bereavement Leave
Assistants are eligible to receive up to three days of paid leave to attend the funeral, for travel, and for bereavement time upon the death of an assistant's immediate family, same-sex domestic partner or household member, in-laws, grandchildren, and/or grandparents, and are eligible to receive one day of paid leave for a relative other than the above, who is not a member of the assistant's household.

Family Medical Leave
Eligible employees are entitled to up to 12 weeks of family and medical leave at the percentage of their appointments. FMLA is not required to be paid leave; however, employees may use paid vacation and/or sick leave, in accordance with existing university policy, for any portion of this leave. Such leaves will be granted to eligible employees for the birth or adoption of a child; for the care of a child, spouse, or parent who has a serious health condition; or when an employee is unable to perform the function of his or her position due to a serious health condition. Family and medical leave may run concurrently with workers' compensation. For information regarding specific eligibility criteria and the university policy, employees should contact their department/unit or the Office of Illinois Human Resources.

Eligibility: 12 months service to the university (not necessary to be continuous) and at least 1250 hours of service in the last 12 months.

Leave of Absence Without Pay
An assistant may be granted an unpaid leave of absence during the term of his/her appointment upon request to and at the sole discretion of the university.

Parental Leave
Same as other academic staff except the 6 month employment requirement does not apply and the assistant must have an active appointment at the time parental leave is taken.

Military Leave
Compensation while on military leave for annual training, special or advanced training, and basic training shall be in accordance with the Illinois Military Leave of Absence Act. In the event an employee is called upon for active duty, the employee shall receive leave with pay for up to thirty consecutive days. Leave for service in the Armed Forces of the United States without pay shall be granted to an employee who enlists, volunteers for, or is inducted into such service.

Tuition Waivers

Employee Tuition Waivers
Graduate student employees appointed between 25% and 67% for 91 or more continuous days are eligible for a grad tuition waiver for the semester appointed.

Spring 2019 Tuition Waiver Processing Information