Exit Process

Academic Employees Exit Process

Separating Employees

When leaving the university it takes approximately 6 Р8 weeks for all processes to be completed. Please contact your employing unit for additional questions. Below are some links that you may find helpful.

Employee Separation and Exit Form (PDF)
To be completed and returned to the employee's department

Benefits Service Center
Information on COBRA or tax-sheltering separation payouts.

State University Retirement System Refund Fact Sheet (PDF)
General information concerning contributions an employee may have made to the State Universities Retirement System (SURS). Contact SURS for additional information.

Separation Grid

Unemployment Info Pamphlet
Illinois Department of Employment Security for Unemployment Insurance Information

Retiring Employees

Guide to Benefits and Services for Retirees

Retirement Knowledge Center
Information about the University of Illinois' comprehensive retirement package

State Universities Annuitants Association (SUAA)
Organization that advocates on behalf of all faculty and staff of public universities and community colleges

State Universities Retirement System (SURS)
Retirement planning information