Civil Service

Lump Sum Payment Guidelines for Civil Service Employees

Lump sum payments are paid for special projects or assignments normally outside an employee’s routine responsibilities after the service is performed.  NECESSARY APPROVALS MUST BE OBTAINED PRIOR TO SERVICES BEING PERFORMED.


Lump sum payments are designated for specific duties outside the regular responsibilities and are not intended for payment in lieu of a base increase to the salary, and should not be confused with “other duties as assigned.”

Note:  Normally, special projects are outside the home unit.

Examples of Acceptable Payments

  • Payment to an employee providing interpreter services for special events

  • Payment to an employee for performing at a commencement ceremony or other special occasion

Examples of Unacceptable Payments

    Work within current classification and current unit.  This should be reported on the employee’s time sheet.

Approvals/Forms Required

  • The paying unit must obtain PRIOR approval from the Classification & Salary Administration area of Illinois Human Resources by sending an e-mail to The request must contain the following information: name of employee, requested rate of pay, detail of duties to be performed, date when duties are to be performed, and the amount of time involved. 

  • The paying unit must obtain a fully executed Request for Lump Sum Payment form including approval of both the home unit and the requesting unit PRIOR to services being performed.  The fully executed Request for Lump Sum Payment form must be attached to the Human Resources Front End (HRFE) Transaction when forwarded to Illinois Human Resources.

Payment Guidelines

Lump sum payments for a Civil Service employee should be temporary and kept to a minimum; total payment is not to be paid until all service has been performed.

Request for Lump Sum Payment for Civil Service Employee Form

Service in Excess/Lump Sum Form – Overtime Eligible

Service in Excess/Lump Sum Form – Overtime Exempt