Hiring Approvals

Tenure System, Specialized Faculty, and Academic Professionals

Your search process must receive pre-approval through the Office for Access & Equity (OAE) and the HireTouch Hiring Request Form.  Information may be found at http://diversity.illinois.edu/hiretouch.html.

We now have a Guidelines document as well as a Job Aid for using the new form in HireTouch.  Once your vacancy has posted to jobs.illinois.edu, everyone subscribed to the Illinois job listserv will receive an email announcing your vacancy.

The OAE website should be consulted for information regarding the search processes and procedures.

Schedule and Instructions for Submitting New Tenure System Faculty and Administrative Appointments Requiring Direct BOT Approval (PDF)

Appointments of Faculty, Specialized Faculty, and Academic Professionals

Guidelines for Hiring International Employees
When an international person is being considered for a position, the unit’s liaison with the International Student and Scholar Services (ISSS) office should consult with ISSS. Although ISSS will discuss procedures and options with faculty members and international visitors, a particular procedure can only be initiated by the contact person with authorization of the department head. For more details, and to ensure you follow all procedures and processes, please refer to the links below. Also included below is a link for important information about the Social Security Card Application process for your potential new employee.

Employment information for departments
Employment information for international individuals
U.S. Government, Social Security Administration, “Application for a Social Security Card
Payments to Foreign Nationals