Steps to Hire

Civil Service

Step 1.    Submit Employee Requisition (ER) in HireTouch, as well as a Hiring Request Form if required (see Hiring Request Form Requirements). Follow Instructions for submitting an Employee Requisition and Hiring Request form.

Step 2.    Illinois Human Resources (IHR) evaluates the job description and classifies the position.

Step 3.    IHR determines recruitment needs, posting requirements, or if the applicants will be referred from the current register.

Step 4.    Applicants apply to a posted position by updating their civil service application and submitting a civil service exam request. IHR determines if each applicant meets the minimum qualifications.

Step 5. IHR notifies the applicant if s/he meets the minimum qualifications, schedules and administers the exam. If s/he does not meet the qualification, IHR sends the applicant a denial letter with an explanation of the denial.

Step 6.  IHR refers candidates from the classification register for interviews, according to Civil Service Statute and Rules.

Upon receiving the referral from IHR, hiring units will follow these general steps:

Step 1.    Hiring unit conducts interviews and selects the candidate to be hired from among those referred.

Step 2.    Hiring unit obtains salary approval from IHR, then makes a written, contingent offer to the candidate, utilizing the Contingent Offer Letter Template on the Illinois Human Resources website.

Step 3.    Hiring unit receives and uploads the accepted and signed contingent offer letter from the candidate to HireTouch while submitting a background check request form, based on the classification of employment (see Background Checks for policies and procedures).

Step 4.    When the hiring unit receives notification that the background check is complete, prior to starting work, they instruct the candidate to contact IHR to schedule any applicable pre-employment testing and the Civil Service New Hire Orientation.

Step 5.    Unit returns information to IHR Employment Services:

Master referral(s) is returned via e-mail to Employment Officer — completed with reasons for non-selection
HR Front End Transaction is initiated:
– If the candidate is new to campus, IHR initiates the New Hire transaction and routes it to the department.
– If the candidate is a current employee moving to a different position, the department adds the job and routes the transaction to IHR.

Instructions for submitting an Employee Requisition and Hiring Request form (PDF)
Civil Service Employment Classifications
Security Sensitive Classifications
Job titles requiring pre-employment testing
Background Checks
Rehiring a Retiree