Steps to Hire

Extra Help

Office Support/Information Technology Job Request Process

Extra Help Services provides campus departments with skilled employees at various levels in the office professional, accounting, information technology (IT) and graphic design areas to meet various temporary needs. Offices in need of employees outside of these areas should contact our office to discuss options. We offer short or long-term assignments up to 900 hours, which is about 6-months of full-time work. Employees can work either full or partial days, and full or partial weeks. Our goal at Extra Help Services is to provide you with the best employees available quickly and efficiently. Please log in to JDXpert and submit a Temporary Employment Vacancy workflow to request an Extra Help Services employee.

Extra Help Job Request Form 
(For Urbana Departmental Use Only)

Extra Help Clerical Job Guidelines
Extra Help Clerical Pay Rates FY 2020-2021

Non-Clerical Hiring Process

Hiring of Extra Help employees (except for office professional, accounting, information technology, and graphic design jobs) is decentralized throughout the Urbana campus and off-campus units. The Extra Help Services office reviews and oversees all such hiring to ensure compliance with applicable laws, rules, and policies. Please log in to JDXpert and submit a Temporary Employment Vacancy workflow to request an Extra Help Services employee.

Hiring Instructions For Campus Units (PDF)
Tracker I-9 Job Aids
Tracker I-9
Online Application
Forms for employee to complete (PDF)
Forms for employee to keep (PDF)
SSN Disclosure Statement (PDF)
Ethics Training for Extra Help Employees
Extra Help Non-Clerical Job Guidelines
Extra Help Non-Clerical Pay Rates FY 2017

Non-Clerical Checklist For new Hires, Add Job, or reappointments

1. Applicants need a recent, completed online application in HireTouch.  Applications need to be updated once per year and need to include a work history (unless they do not have one) with the reason for leaving previous employers. If they have questions, they can call Illinois Human Resources at 333-2137 or Extra Help at 333-4752.
The application can be found at

2. Job duties and pay rate need to be approved by Extra Help Services for each position.  Pay rates are equitable with other employees with similar duties.  They are not based on education or outside experience.  Rate increases also need approval. 

3. Is this person a minor?  The University of Illinois does not hire anyone under the age of 15 years.  If the candidate is a minor, the unit will need to get approval for the Protections of Minors. Please contact Stephanie Vogelsang (with the Protection of Minors office at the Division of Public Safety) to get approval. A background check request for both the candidate and their supervisor needs to be submitted.  The High School Permission to Work form needs to be completed.  The school principal’s signature is not required if the position is only for the summer.  

4. Does this person have a relative working on campus?  The Nepotism form (including detailed management plan) needs to be approved by the Director of Illinois Human Resources before the individual can begin working. 

5. Is this person a Retiree?  If so, you must have the Retiree complete a SURS Annuity Statement and start the Returning Retiree process.  The Retiree cannot begin work until the Retiree Rehire form has the final approval.  Attach the approved Retiree Rehire form to the HRFE transaction.

6. Submit background check in HireRight including offer letter and acceptance, and job duties. All New Hire and Add Job transactions need a background check request submitted.  A background check may not be run, but the confirmation email you will receive, which indicates that the background check process is complete and you can move forward with the hiring process, is needed to apply the transaction. A request is not needed for Reappointments. 

7. Once you receive the confirmation email from BC, the unit can begin the HRFE transaction.

8. Complete the NewHire including I-9 and have the employee sign the non-clerical appointments form.  The I-9 must be signed by the employee before they begin work.

9. Route the complete HRFE transaction to campus.  Include the signed non-clerical form, confirmation email from the background check, and other forms as needed.  Please include the job description in the Comments section (not Memos).  The transaction is then routed to campus for approval.  The employee should not begin work until after the HRFE transaction is applied.