Hiring Employees

Steps to Hire

Onboarding Processes (All Employees)

When a unit is ready to put the new employee on payroll, the unit will need to follow the Onboarding Process and subsequent Human Resources Front End (HRFE) transaction procedures.  Instructions for these processes are provided below. 

Onboarding Process

When the unit is ready to hire a new employee or rehire a former employee, the unit will need to process the I-9 form in Tracker (unless the person is completely unpaid, a PREDOC FELLOW only, or a POSTDOC FELLOW only). Then the unit must follow the HR Front End New Hire transaction procedures. See below for instructions.

  • I-9 form (completed using Tracker)
    • Section 1 is to be completed by the paid employee no later than their first day of work
    • Section 2 is to be completed by the employing unit no later than the third day of work
  • E-verify - Employees working on a federal contract with the appropriate language must be E-verified. These employees must come to the Illinois Human Resources office at 807 S. Wright St., Suite 420, to complete their I-9 by no later than their third day of work. (Section 1 must be completed by the employee no later than their first day of work)
  • When the unit has completed all required pre-hire and I-9 processes, the unit will need to follow the appropriate instructions and process the transaction through the Human Resources Front End (HRFE).

    Additional Tips and Resources

    Position Maintenance - If the unit needs to create a new position or maintain an existing position as part of the hiring process, the following resources may be helpful.

    Employee Information Form and Loan Default for a New Hire/Rehired Employee - The unit needs to ensure that the employee completes the Employee Information Form and Loan Default before routing the transaction. Ensure those forms reflect Employee Completed status when viewing the New Hire Forms tab (within HRFE). Within 30 days of hire, unit also needs to ensure the employee has completed Ethics Training. UI New Hire

    New Hire Password Issues - The initial system-generated password is case-sensitive and may include a capital letter. If the employee forgets their password, the unit can reset their password in the HR Front End transaction: HR Front End Login Page

    Employee Education Information - The unit needs to ensure the education information required for their job is in the system—in the Employee Information Form. If the employee fails to enter their education information they can do so in MY UI Info.

    MY UI Info Instructions for Employee Education Information

    1. Access MY UI Info at https://www.hr.uillinois.edu/myinfo.
    2. Look in the My Profile box.
    3. Click on the “My Profile” link.
    4. In the Take Action box click on "Access My Profile" link.
    5. Login with your NetID and NetID password. (Contact Technology Services at (217) 244-7000 if you have not established your login ID or if you have forgotten your password.)
    6. Enter your 4 digit PIN (if you need to create one or have forgotten your PIN, click on the “Your PIN” link and follow the instructions); click “Submit.”
    7. Scroll down to the Education area.
    8. Click on the Edit link next to existing education information that needs to be changed, or click on the Add Degree link under an existing institution for which you wish to add a degree; or click on the Add College link to add degree information from a new college not currently listed.
    9. Enter the education information.
    10. Click Continue; enter your major and/or minor information if you wish.
    11. Click Continue to update the information in the system.

    Human Resource Front End (HRFE)
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