Hiring Employees

Pre-Professional Graduate Assistant Appointment Request

University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign

Pre-Professional Graduate Assistants (PGAs) are appointed to positions in which they primarily gain experience, practice or guidance that is significantly connected to their fields of study and career preparation. In general, in order to be appointed as a PGA, the student's enrolling unit and employing unit combination must be reflected on the Pre-Professional Graduate Assistants table posted at Guide to Employees. When these combinations are present, employing units may process the appointment without further approval.   PGA appointments in which the enrolling unit and employing unit combination does not exist on the PGA grid must be requested via this form. The request will be reviewed for approval by a committee coordinated by Illinois Human Resources. Once approval has been granted, successive reappointments to the same position do not need approval.  

Submit the completed form here to Julie Dillard, Illinois Human Resources, Labor & Employee Relations, 52 East Gregory Drive, Champaign, IL, MC-562. Questions may be directed via email (jgabel2@illinois.edu) or phone 333-3105.   Copies of the reviewed form with the decision noted will be returned to both the appointing and enrolling units. All new assistantship appointments must be submitted to Academic Appointments Processing via HRFE (HR Front End application), an electronic copy of the approval must accompany the transaction as an attached document.