Steps to Hire

Tenure System Faculty

If you are hiring a tenure/tenure-track faculty member, please follow Instructions for BOT Approval of Faculty Hires.

Step 1.    Review Academic Hiring Request Form Instructions (in HireTouch).

Step 2.    Submit the Academic Hiring Request Form via HireTouch.

Step 3.    Review Faculty/Other Academic/Faculty Administrator Search Instructions (in HireTouch).

Step 4:   Submit the Faculty/Other Academic/Faculty Administrator Search in HireTouch.

Step 5.    Review Faculty Recruitment Sources on the Resources tab in HireTouch.

Step 6.    Post the job (; other)

Step 7.    Establish Search Committee.

Step 8.    Once candidate is selected, initiate Summary Form (HireTouch) and Summary Narrative; review Summary Form Information and Summary Narrative template on the Resources tab in HireTouch.

Step 9.    Provide candidate offer letter.  Upon acceptance of the offer letter, initiate a Background Check request via HireTouch.

Schedule and Instructions for Submitting New Tenure System Faculty Appointments and Permanent Administrative Appointments Requiring Direct Board of Trustees Approval.

Step 10. Upon receipt of the approved Summary Form and the Completed Background Check, initiate HRFE transaction (Hiring Faculty instructions).

New Hire 9/12 Faculty Starting in Summer (PDF)
New Hire Faculty (PDF)

NOTE:  In addition to attaching the documents listed above, the background check clearance email must also be attached.  HR Front End Transaction Tips include information regarding I-9 (Employment Eligibility), which is to be completed within Tracker (I-9 Tracker Job Aids).  Illinois Human Resources will return any HRFE transaction that does not have an I-9 completed in Tracker.