Chancellor's Distinguished Staff Award

Distinguished Staff Hall of Fame


Elizabeth "Liz" Bowden
Assistant Director, Illini Union Document Services & Campus Mail

Tabitha Elder
Extension Program Coordinator, Cooperative Extension

Joe Glass Jr.
Superintendent of Building Services, Housing

Joseph Hall-Ingram
Library Specialist, Lirbrary

Michelle Osborne
Office Manager, Health Care Engineering Systems Center

Andrea Paceley
Office Manager, Speech and Hearing Science

Craig Stockman
Food Services Sanitation Laborer, Housing

Bradley Ward
Mill Worker, Facilities & Services


Thomas Bedwell
Business Manager, Department of History

James Carter
Police Sergeant, Division of Public Safety

Terri Gitler
Office Support Specialist, Center for African Studies/Center for South Asian Middle Eastern Studies

Christina Harms
Office Manager, Graduate College

Lana Holben
Office Administrator, Geology and School of Earth, Society, and the Environment

Steven Bainbridge
Electrician Foreman, Facilities & Services

Anthony Kite
Building Service Worker, Facilities & Services - Building Services

Lesli Lundquist
Facilities Operations Coordinator, University Library


Chris A. Bonner, Jr.
Facilities Manager

Gary Lee Cromwell
Facilities Manager

Keith E. Garrett
Food Service Administrator IV

Spring C. Harrison
Administrative Aide

Aneitre T. Johnson
Staff Clerk

Cheryl L. Kappes
Office Manager

DaShawnique Long
Office Manager

Russell R. Reynolds
Steam and Power Plant V


Terry Free
Office Administrator

Jodi Gritten
Office Manager

Clint Harper
Research Facility Attendant

Casey Hicks
Steam & Power Plant Operator

Cipriano Martinez Jr.
Security Supervisor

Dennis Phillips
Laborer Electrician

Anne Stites
Administrative Assistant

Gary Williamson
Customer Service Specialist


Stuart L. Albert
Senior Library Specialist

Emmett A. Catlin
Assembly Hall Attendant

Jeri A. Cochran
Office Manager

Raymond K. Ligocki
Housing Maintenance Inspector

Dorothy M. Maduzia
Office Support Specialist

Shannon D. Maxey
Office Support Specialist

Lori C. Melchi
Administrative Aide

Gregory S. Milner
Research Laboratory Shop Supervisor


Catherine E. Ballew
Administrative Assistant

John R. Blackburn
Physical Science Tech. Assistant

Timothy R. Clifton

Kelly D. Edwards
Office Support Specialist

John J. Humer
Building Service Worker

Ronald Guinn Lewis
Disability Transportation Specialist

Angela Y. Martin
Office Administration

Jennifer L. Payan
Administrative Clerk


Carrie J. Anderson
Executive Chef

Mary J. Ellerbe
Office Support Specialist

Diane K. Kiddoo
Water Station Sub-Foreman

Jessica R. Risley
Veterinary Technician

Douglas V. Robertson
Building Service Worker

Kathryn D. Schilson
Office Administrator

Virginia G. Swisher
Office Support Specialist

Brian K. Woller
Lab Animal Caretaker


Erika E. Albin
Administrative Clerk

Richard L. Burton
Assistant Facilities Manager

Clifford J. Gulyash
Instrument Maker

Paul A. Jensen
Building Service Worker

Laurie A. MacAdam
Administrative Assistant

Douglas E. Rex
Building Services Worker

Brenda R. Stamm
Office Administrator

Mary J. Strum
Office Manager

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