Service Recognition Awards

2019 Service Recognition Honorees
- 25 Years of Service

Name Home Department Years of Service
Kristine I. Arvola Law Library 25
Randall L. Bachert Facilities & Services 25
Jody Ann Beccue Fire Service Institute 25
Riccardo C. Bell Division of Public Safety 25
Vicki S. Bond Technology Services 25
Kenneth C. Buenting Facilities & Services 25
Wayne M. Bugaj Facilities & Services 25
David M. Butler University Library 25
Kathryn Ann Clayton University Library 25
Deena L. Costley University Housing 25
Darcy Lynn Derr Business Administration 25
Larry E. Duvall Facilities & Services 25
Robert M. Ebeling Facilities & Services 25
Angela Marie Ellis Coordinated Science Lab 25
Angela J. Ennis Office of the Dean of Students 25
Joan M. Fiesta Division of Public Safety 25
Patti M. Fitzpatrick Agricultural, Consumer & Environmental Sciences 25
Justus M. Fortado Facilities & Services 25
Marla K. Frisby Veterinary Teaching Hospital 25
Deborah L. Gaffield Agricultural, Consumer & Environmental Sciences 25
James A. Glasgow National Center for Supercomputing Applications 25
Susan Diane Grace Rominger Institute of Government & Public Affairs 25
Richard J. Griffith Facilities & Services 25
Carol J. Hannah University Counsel 25
Eric A. Hill Facilities & Services 25
Alan E. Holt Facilities & Services 25
Teresa K. Howard University  Offfice for Planning & Budgeting 25
David A. Jannusch University Housing 25
Cheryl L. Jestis University Press 25
Diane K. Kiddoo University Housing 25
Rhonda Renee Kissling Office of the Dean of Students 25
Tosha Michelle Kopp McKinley Health Center 25
Joan M. Lemay Agricultural, Consumer & Environmental Sciences 25
Teresa D. Lewis Facilities & Services 25
Michael A. Ligocki Facilities & Services 25
Mary K. McMahon Facilities & Services 25
Stacey L. Mitsdarffer Facilities & Services 25
Arthur L. Moore Division of Intercollegiate Athletics 25
Ginna Moore Technology Services 25
Kelli J. Morrow Agricultural, Consumer & Environmental Sciences 25
Cindy A. Nakea University Library 25
Antwuan T. Neely Facilities & Services 25
Donna Marie Ortman Agricultural, Consumer & Environmental Sciences 25
Dusty L. Paris Facilities & Services 25
Aubin Delano Perkins Facilities & Services 25
Vickie A. Poruba University of Illinois Foundation 25
Donna M. Purcell Office of Student Health Insurance 25
Dale A. Ramert Facilities & Services 25
Joseph R. Rannebarger Office of the Chief Information Officer 25
Marla Deeann Heath Rockamann Facilities & Services 25
Scott P. Rohl Facilities & Services 25
Michael S. Roughton Undergraduate Admissions 25
Jonathan S. Runck Facilities & Services 25
Vikas K. Singh Special Education 25
Brenda Rene Stamm Department of Political Science 25
Lynn Marie Stanke School of Literatures, Cultures, & Linguistics 25
Brad D. Stevenson Facilities & Services 25
Brenda J. Stewart Hubbard Illini Union 25
Donna L. Stites Agricultural, Consumer, & Environmental Sciences 25
Diana L. Tibbs Agricultural, Consumer & Environmental Sciences 25
Tonya L. Webb University Library 25
Timothy M. White McKinley Health Center 25
Randy L. Wilkey Chemistry 25
Rebecca L. Wilsey Division of Disability Rehabilitation, & Education Services 25
Doreena Lynn Wilson University Housing 25
Brian Keith Woller Veterinary Teaching Hospital 25
Carol Denise Young Gies College of Business 25