Separating Employees

Information and Procedures to Follow When an Employee is Leaving the University

If an employee is considering retiring from the University of Illinois, he/she will need to contact the State Universities Retirement System (SURS). SURS will meet with the employee and discuss all of the employee’s options. Once the employee has talked with SURS and signed retirement papers, he/she will need to contact their department. The department will need a signed statement indicating the employee’s last day of work.

Academic Employees
Please follow these procedures when an employee is leaving the University for the following groups:

  • Faculty
  • Academic Professionals
  • Graduate Assistants (including TA's, RA's, GA's, and Pre-Professionals)
  • Academic Hourlies and Grad Hourlies
  • Unpaid Academics

When an employee notifies their Home Unit that he/she is leaving the University of Illinois, whether due to a resignation or retirement, the Home Unit should have the exiting employee complete one of the following: Academic Exit Checklist (PDF) or Grad and Academic Hourly Exit Checklist (PDF).

Once the employee has read and completed the Exit Checklist, it should be returned to the Home Unit. The Home Unit needs to make a copy of the completed Exit Checklist for the employee as well as to place the original Exit Checklist in the employee's departmental personnel file. The Exit Checklist should NOT be forwarded to Illinois Human Resources and should NOT be attached to the HR Front End Separation Transaction.

Civil Service Employees
If an employee is resigning, he/she must complete the Employee Resignation Form, which includes an exit checklist, and submit it to their supervisor or Department Human Resources Representative.

Each separating employee should be provided with the following: