Frequently Asked Questions

Program Hours
How many hours am I granted in an academic year to use for Know Your U activities?

Eight (8) hours are granted per academic year (August 16 through August 15).

If I don’t use my entire 8 hours in an academic year, can I roll them over into the next academic year?

No, unused hours may not be rolled over into subsequent years. Unused hours are forfeited and you will start over with a new 8 hours at the beginning of each academic year.

Do I have to use the hours in full hour increments?

No, you may report usage in increments of 15 minutes.

Does travel time to an activity count as part of my 8 hours?

It depends on the location and nature of the activity. Travel time to and from engagement activities outside of an employee’s normal work location will be determined by unit/college specific guidelines and practices.

May I transfer my hours to another employee?

No, you may not transfer unused hours to another employee. Each employee receives a maximum of 8 hours per academic year.

If I am part-time, how many hours do I receive?

Part-time employees receive a prorated number of hours based on their FTE. For example, an employee with an FTE of .80 would receive 6.4 hours; an employee with an FTE of .50 would receive 4 hours.

May I use my hours in place of a vacation day?

No, hours granted for the Know Your U program may not be used for vacation leave purposes. The program is intended to be used for activities at your university during your normal workday.

If I resign or retire from my position before the end of the academic year and I have used all of my 8 hours, do I have to pay them back?

No, the 8 hours are granted at the beginning of each academic year may be used at any time even if you do not work the entire academic year.

If I do not use my entire 8 hours by the end of the academic year, can I be paid for any unused hours?

No, unused hours are forfeited at the end of each academic year and do not hold any monetary value.