Monthly HR Newscast

Illinois Human Resources conducts monthly meetings to discuss Urbana system applications related to HR, including HR Front End (HRFE), BANNER, PARIS, UI New Hire, and I-9 Tracker.  Additionally, a variety of appointment-related issues surrounding new hires, separations and employee group changes, with the impact these employment changes may have on benefits, taxation, VISA implications or restrictions, and payroll deductions.

The HR Newscast meetings are held the second THURSDAY of every month at 9:00 a.m. via Skype or in-person meetings. Details regarding each meeting (Skype, in-person location, or cancellations) are announced through our HR Newscast email distribution list for the group as well as via the HR Newsfeed (a source for information related to Illinois HR policies, updates, and announcements). This distribution list, while used to communicate meeting agendas/announcements will also be used to communicate relevant HR topic reminders or new information as it becomes available. If you wish to join the HR Newscast group distribution list, please contact

We feel these meetings are EXTREMELY valuable to those employees throughout the campus who have responsibility for HR-related matters in their unit, and we encourage those of you who use the system applications listed above to attend regularly.