Enterprise-Wide Perspective

Involves a broad point of view of the U of I's mission and an understanding of individual or organizational responsibilities in relation to the larger U of I strategic priorities. The perspective is shaped by experience and education and characterized by a strategic, top-level focus on broad requirements, joint experiences, fusion of information, collaboration, and vertical and horizontal integration of information.

Skills for Enterprise-Wide Perspective

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Joint Perspective

Has an indepth understanding of how the U of I operates and how the various colleges, departments, stakeholders, partners, and customers integrate toward mission accomplishment. Applies joint doctrine when planning, coordinating, and communicating the organization’s policies and processes. Considers interoperability in communications, logistics, and information sharing so that systems are integrated across organizational lines. Reviews and applies concepts from applicable studies, laws, regulations, policies, plans, programs, systems, criteria, and standards related to joint capabilities, operations, or programs.

Professional Identity (E-Course)
Michael Loui Creating a Shared Vision of Excellence (Video)

Mission Orientation

Understands his or her identity in the organization and where his or her job fits into the major organization (e.g., the various colleges and departments within the University) and overall mission of the U of I.

Onboarding New Hires (E-Course)

U of I Mission and Culture

Understands the U of I mission and the roles, missions, and organizational structure of the University and its various colleges and departmetns. Can identify similarities and differences in the missions and cultures of the various colleges and departments. Can identify members of the Colleges and departmetns and articulate an understanding of how the varoius cvolleges and departments work together to accomplish the U of I mission.

Four Cultural Practices that are Excluding your Black (and Underrepresented) Employees (Article)
Motivating and Engaging Employees (E-Course)
Joan Dubinsky Organizational Culture (Video)

Corporate Perspective

Considers how the U of I operates and how U of I's colleges and departments, stakeholders, partners, and customers integrate toward mission accomplishment. Reviews literature, studies, and guidance related to the operations of the colleges and departments and the U of I.

Global Perspective

Effectively communicates the organization’s commitment to the "joint" mission and leads staff to exert influence and execute solutions across the enterprise. Works collaboratively with other Universities to achieve U of I's goals and objectives. Fosters supportive partnerships across organizational lines and within the international community to drive integration and translate long-term goals into action.