Organizational Development

Organizational Development

Strategic Planning

The OD team provides assistance and guidance to individuals, teams, or organizations in the process of developing and executing strategic plans. We collaborate with organizational leaders to identify, develop, and implement plans related to strategic management, thinking, leadership, objectives, alignment, and partnerships. Services include:


SWOT Analysis: Assist in conducting a thorough SWOT (Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, Threats) analysis. This helps identify internal and external factors that impact the organization’s strategic direction.

Environmental Scanning: Help leaders stay informed about industry trends, technological advancements, and market shifts. Provide insights on how these factors may influence strategic decisions.

Stakeholder Engagement: Involve key stakeholders (faculty, staff, students, etc.) in the strategic planning process. Gather their input and ensure buy-in. This could be done via focus groups or surveys.

Goal Setting and Alignment: Collaborate with leadership to set clear, measurable goals. Ensure alignment between organizational objectives and individual departmental goals.

Scenario Planning: Guide the organization through scenario planning exercises. Explore different potential futures and develop strategies to adapt to changing circumstances.

Action Planning: Facilitate the creation of action plans based on strategic priorities. Break down high-level goals into actionable steps with timelines and responsibilities.

Performance Metrics: Define key performance indicators (KPIs) to track progress toward strategic goals. Help departments establish metrics for success.

Change Management

Change management services involve providing support and guidance to organizations undergoing significant transitions, transformations, or organizational changes. The primary goal of change management is to help organizations effectively manage the human side of change, ensuring that employees and stakeholders are adequately prepared, engaged, and empowered to navigate and embrace the changes. (e.g., restructuring, mergers). Provide tools for managing transitions effectively. Services include:

Change Philosophy and Framework: Includes the psychology of change, change readiness, and successful change leadership.

Organizational Readiness: Includes identifying change champions and change resisters.

Planning and Executing Communications: Communicate the reason for change.

Stakeholder Engagement and Alignment: Clarify stakeholder roles.

Knowledge Transfer and Sustainability: Identify metrics to identify continual improvement to ensure sustainability and knowledge transfer.

Stakeholder Change Management Training: Session targeted at stakeholders affected by the change.

Organizational Culture Support

Organizational culture support services are designed to assist businesses in developing, nurturing, and maintaining a healthy and productive organizational culture. These services encompass various strategies, tools, and interventions aimed at aligning employees’ and/or team’s attitudes, behaviors, and values with the overall goals and vision of the organization. Services include:

Retreat Design: The OD team can collaborate with organizational leaders to design retreats. These retreats serve as dedicated time away from daily operations for reflection, team-building, and strategic discussions.  We can tailor retreat agendas to meet specific organizational needs. Include activities such as visioning exercises, team-building games, and discussions on organizational goals.

Conflict Resolution Services: Offer mediation and conflict resolution services to address interpersonal or team conflicts. Training in effective communication and negotiation skills can be valuable.

Assessment and Mapping: Assess the current organizational culture. Identify cultural strengths and areas for improvement. Align culture with strategic goals. Administer engagement surveys and help departments interpret results.  Develop action plans to enhance employee satisfaction and commitment.

Innovation and Creativity: Collaborative brainstorming sessions to encourage a culture of innovation through creative problem-solving workshops.

Executive Leadership Development

Executive leadership development services are tailored programs designed to enhance the capabilities, skills, and effectiveness of senior leaders within organizations. These services aim to cultivate strong, visionary, and adaptive leaders who can navigate complex challenges, inspire teams, drive innovation, and achieve strategic objectives.

Executive Onboarding: Work with a transition team to ensure the new executive’s onboarding is intentional and smooth.

New Leader Orientation: Work with the Provost office to identify, develop, and deliver orientation sessions for new leaders.

Leadership Seminar Series: Work in tandem with the Provost office to provide a series of seminars relevant for all leaders and new leaders across campus.

New Leader Acclimation: Provide workshop for new leader with direct reports to learn more about the leader, expectations, and priorities.  All direct reports hear the same thing at the same time.  New Leader gets exposure to direct reports and learns their strengths and areas that need immediate attention.

Coaching for Leaders: Provide one-on-one coaching for senior leaders. Help them navigate strategic challenges and enhance their leadership effectiveness.