Background Checks

This page is dedicated to information related to the university’s policies and campus guidelines regarding background checks for new and current employees, volunteers, and contractors. Background checks may be required based either on the new University Background Check Policy (which went into effect October 2015) or on the Protection of Minors Policy.

Contact Information

Status of a Background Check Request: or call (217) 333-2137  

Designating a Position as Security Sensitive:
Illinois Human Resources – Senior Human Resources Manager,  Classification & Compensation: Jacquelyn Flowers (, (217) 333-2136

Background Check Policy or Process Questions:
Illinois Human Resources – Background Checks Unit: Eva Griggs, (, (217) 333-2137
Illinois Human Resources – Background Checks Unit: Becky Janowski, (, (217) 333-2137
Illinois Human Resources - Director, Talent Acquisition: Alicia Lowery, (, (217) 333-2137

Office of Student Financial Aid:
Student Financial Aid - Assistant Director, Student Employment:
Kim Hamilton, (, (217) 333-7603

Questions Regarding Background Check Charges:
Illinois Human Resources  - Director of Business Operations: Cheryl Heck , (, (217) 333-3101