Performance Partnership Program

The Performance Partnership Program (PPP) is a performance management system for all civil service employees that incorporates a positive approach to solving performance problems as well as recognizing and encouraging good performance.

PPP emphasizes:

• Mutual Respect
• Effective Communication
• Constructive Feedback
• Employee Responsibility
• Commitment to High Work Standards
• Positive Reinforcement

PPP is designed to correct performance deficiencies and build commitment through coaching and counseling in a respectful, non-threatening way. It eliminates the use of punishment as a means to correct problems. Ultimately, the program is intended to create an environment that is conducive to employees making positive changes in their performance and sustaining those changes.

Steps of the Performance Partnership Program

Positive Steps:
1. Positive Contact
2. Positive Recognition

Corrective Actions:
1. Constructive Contact
2. Performance Improvement Discussion (PID)

3. Work Performance Reminder (WPR)—Active for 6 months*
4. Written Reminder (WR)—Active for 1 year*
5. Decision Making Leave (DML)—Active for 2 years*

*Provided there is no other formal corrective action during this time period.

Performance Partnership Program Supervisory Training

PPP Supervisory Training provides supervisors with a working knowledge of the PPP program including the underlying philosophy, the major tenets, and the steps of the program. The training sessions are offered through the HR Series for Supervisors and Managers.

Who Should Attend?

PPP Supervisory Training is strongly recommended for newly appointed supervisors of employees whose performance is subject to PPP. Current supervisors who would like a refresher may also attend.

What Will Be Covered?

• Positive, informal, and formal corrective actions under the PPP program
• The importance of recognizing and reinforcing good performance
• The role of progressive discipline
• Steps to prepare for and conduct informal and formal corrective discussions
• Essential elements for providing effective feedback
• Documenting employee performance

Upcoming Training

Registration for the HR Series is available to University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign employees free of charge. To view upcoming trainings and register, login with your university credentials at the following link and complete the form:

For more information about the program, manual/templates for supervisor use, or questions, contact Nichole Hemming, PPP Coordinator, (217) 333-3105.