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What is the Financial Wellness Program?

The Financial Wellness program helps students at the University of Illinois develop effective money management skills and provides practical resources and educational opportunities to help them make informed financial decisions.

Who can use your services?

Registered students can meet one-on-one with Peer Educators to ask questions about their finances. In addition, students are invited to connect with Financial Wellness through a monthly e-newsletter, Facebook, and Twitter.

Faculty, staff, departments, and student groups can request financial workshops and presentations.

Faculty, staff, students, and the public can utilize online resources and public presentations.

What services do you provide?

A wide variety of educational services are available, including:

  • Personal and confidential conversations with students on financial issues such as checking and interpreting credit reports, budgeting, and financial planning. Provided by trained peer educators.
  • Presentations to campus clubs, departments, and staff.
  • Referrals to related financial services in the community and at the University.
  • Educational outreach programs on financial topics.
  • Resource center at Well-Being Services with financial education materials.

How much do your services cost?

All services are free.

Do I need an appointment?

You can drop in during office hours or you may make an appointment by calling (217) 244-5580 or emailing

How can I learn more about the Financial Wellness program?

For general information, visit our website at

To make an appointment, or get further information, call (217) 244-55890 or email

To contact Kathy SweELOEer, UI Extension Educator,

For specific online financial resources, go to: