Labor & Employee Relations

primary services

Employee Relations
  • Act as a primary resource for units and employees regarding the application and interpretation of university policy documents, including collective bargaining agreements.
  • Partner with supervisors and employees to develop performance management plans that include formal feedback that serves to maximize employee performance.
  • Assist with the coordination of various compliance activities, including Ethics Training and Positive Time Reporting.
  • Assist with the resolution of workplace concerns, including complaints and formal grievances.
  • Act as an intake officer for complaints of discrimination and harassment filed under the campus policy.
  • Act as the designee for grievance hearings and responses at the director’s step of negotiated grievance procedures.
  • Provide information and assistance to employees applying for disability leave and shared benefits.
  • Advise units and employees with Family and Medical Leave (FMLA) on eligibility provisions and application procedures.
  • Coordinate multi-unit staffings that bring together campus expertise on responding to critical incidents and special situations, including fitness to work and workplace violence. 
Labor Relations
  • Provide contract administration and interpretation for those subject to union contract provisions.
  • Interpret and communicate legislation relating to policy and law that impact represented employees.
  • Participate in the collective bargaining process for represented employees.
  • Host labor/management meetings as a forum for addressing immediate and ongoing concerns of employees and management.
Labor & Employee Relations (LER) Personnel

Phone: (217) 333-3105




Senior Director, LER

Leslie Arvan

Assistant Director, LER
Robb Craddock
Assistant Director, LER Nichole Hemming
LER Coordinator Sonya Holley

Assistant Director, LER

Heather Horn

HR Representative Annette Huss
LER Coordinator
Yulee Kim