Chancellor's Staff Excellence Award (CSEA)


Administrative & Public Engagement
Charlotte Bauer, Asst Dean of Communications & Strategic Plan, Graduate Administration
Nell Madigan, Assoc Dean, Labor & Employee Relations Administration

Clerical/Administrative Support
Desiree McMillion,Asst to the Head, African American Studies
Audra Weinstein, Administrative Aide, Art & Design

Crafts & Trades
Todd Hawkins,Ironworker Foreman, Facilities & Services
Jeromy Spesard, Pipefitter Sub-Foreman, Housing

Education/Extension/Ctr Innovation in Teaching
Lynn Burdick,Faculty Development Coord, Curriculum & Instruction Administration
Kamila Glowacki, Education Coord, Krannert Art Museum

Information Technology
Cordelia Geiken, Manager, App Services, Technology Services Administration
Darius Summerville, Infrastructure Serv Manager, Engineering-IT

Michael Brosco, Dir of Res App Development, OVCRI Administration
Mark Zulauf, Researcher Info Sys Coord, Illinois Experts Research Info

Holly Clem, Facility Operations Coord, Div. of Animal Resources
Ebony Murray, Building Service Worker, F&S Building Services

Student Services
Lauren Karplus, Exp Learning Coord/Academic Advisor, Ag & Consumer Economics
David Schug, Dir, Natl & International Scholars Prog, Ctr for Advising & Academic Services

Hall of Fame

Chancellor's Academic Professional Excellence Award Previous Winners


Jessica Hartke, Nutritional Sciences
Florencia Henshaw, Spanish & Portuguese
Ken Vickery, Graduate College
Kraig Wagenecht, Office of the Vice Chancellor for Research & Innovation
Nancy Walsh, Office of Undergraduate Admissions
Steven Wilson, Illinois State Water Survey


Brian Brauer, Illinois Fire Service Institute
Sarah Christensen, University Library
Jean Drasgow, College of Agricultural, Consumer and Environmental Sciences
Kristi McDuffie, Department of English
Jason Mock, Center for Innovation in Teaching & Learning
Deidre A. Weathersby, Counseling Center


Derek Attig, Graduate College
Jeannette Elliott, Disability Resources and Educational Services
Josh Keen, Office of Student Financial Aid
Brenda Davis Koester, Department of Human Development and Family Studies
Stuart Levy, National Center for Supercomputing Applications
Normand Paquin, Coordinated Science Laboratory

Chancellor's Distinguished Staff Award Previous Winners


Penny Ames, School of Information Sciences
Sheree Denham, University Laboratory High School
Tim Farren, University Housing
Timothy Lecher, ACES
Peter Lichtenberger, Allerton Park & Retreat Center
Debra Tiedemann, Graduate College
Jesse Widick, Graduate College
James Young, University Housing


Elizabeth "Liz" Bowden, Illini Union Document Services & Campus Mail
Tabitha Elder, Cooperative Extension
Joe Glass Jr., Housing
Joseph Hall-Ingram, Lirbrary
Michelle Osborne, Health Care Engineering Systems Center
Andrea Paceley, Speech and Hearing Science
Craig Stockman, Housing
Bradley Ward, Facilities & Services


Thomas Bedwell, Department of History
James Carter, Division of Public Safety
Terri Gitler, Center for African Studies/Center for South Asian Middle Eastern Studies
Christina Harms, Graduate College
Lana Holben, Geology and School of Earth, Society, and the Environment
Steven Bainbridge, Facilities & Services
Anthony Kite, Facilities & Services - Building Services
Lesli Lundquist, University Library