Performance Management

Teaching Assistants (TA) & Graduate Assistants (GA)

Definition of Teaching Assistants (TA)

The duties of a Graduate Teaching Assistant are primarily in support of instruction and include such responsibilities as teaching classes, grading student assignments, leading lab or discussion groups in a course setting, developing academic instructional materials, accompanying/coaching musical or vocal performances, providing artistic instruction, proctoring exams, overseeing/coordinating the work of other TAs, holding office hours, tutoring students.

Definition of Graduate Assistants (GA)

The duties of a Graduate Assistant are primarily in support of administrative functions and include such general functions and typical duties as providing technical/support services, advising students, etc.

Additional information related to definitions can be found at the Guide to Employee Groups.

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Contact Information

Specific labor and employee relations questions associated with Teaching Assistants and Graduate Assistants (Administrative) should be directed to:

Name Title Email Phone
Julie Dillard Assistant Director, LER (217) 333-3105


Collective Bargaining Agreement

Teaching Assistants and Graduate Assistants (Administrative) are covered by a collective bargaining agreement with the Graduate Employees Organization (GEO).  A copy of the collective bargaining agreement (to include the “Stipulations Document”) can be found at:

Performance Management

Supervisors should contact Illinois Human Resources with questions related to performance management.  IHR can provide template communications that help supervisors relay workplace expectations on subjects related to:

Specific information about performance management can be found in the collective bargaining agreement.

Minimum Wages

The minimum wages that Teaching Assistants and Graduate Assistants (Administrative) must be paid can be found at:

Offer Letters

The collective bargaining agreement outlines specific information that should be included in offer letters.  A template offer letter can be found at:


A summary of benefits available to employees can be found at:

Paying Student Awards

Student awards are not handled through IHR, HR Front End, or NBAJOBS.  Instructions for paying student awards can be found at: 

OBFS Instructions for Paying Awards