Steps to Hire

Nonemployee Affiliations

Step 1.    Define relationship.  Unpaid—an appointment that indicates a relationship with the university, with no service requirement; Graduate Fellows—student with an award that provides a monthly living allowance and requires no services in return.

Step 2.    Ensure the individual has completed a degree and the degree date is in System HR Services or, if Graduate  Fellow, ensure the student is registered in a graduate program and coordinate with the Fellowship Office in the Graduate College to initiate the appropriate Human Resources Front End (HRFE) transaction.

Step 3.    Give offer letter to candidate.

Step 4.    Academic Unpaid is not an employment relationship and therefore no I-9 or Background Check is required so long as no paid appointment is being added.

Step 5.    Submit the Human Resources Front End (HRFE) transaction (HR Front End Transaction Tips) to add the employee.  Be sure to attach the accepted offer.
New Hire Academic Unpaid (PDF)